Applying Project Management to Cybersecurity

IT projects have many moving parts and require the kind of strategic approach provided by a project manager to limit problems and delays. Project management skills are valuable for ensuring that any undertaking is accomplished to maximize budget and resources, while keeping collective efforts within defined time and performance constraints.

Cybersecurity professionals are increasingly expected to master project management skills to meet the objectives of their positions. But technical skills are only the tip of the iceberg. It’s essential to approach cybersecurity not simply from a security knowledge standpoint, but also with business goals in mind.

A cybersecurity team reviews information on a monitor while working on a project

Pushing the Limits of Productive Projects: Enabling Cybersecurity Professionals with Project Management Skills outlines why project management is crucial to IT, and to cybersecurity specifically, and how cybersecurity professionals can apply project management skills to their work.

Pushing the Limits Whitepaper

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