7 Steps to a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become the social network and point of contact for professionals who represent themselves, and their employers and benefactors, in the public space. Just as with any type of professional presentation, the secret to gaining visibility and influence on LinkedIn is to know your audience, and what it expects to learn from you and about you.

In this recorded webinar, CompTIA social media manager Kelly Mahoney reveals what she’s learned from the experiences of the people with whom she keeps contact, about how to make better and more valuable professional contacts through LinkedIn. Here’s some of what Kelly reveals:

  • Be seen. The addition of a profile photo makes your LinkedIn profile 11 times more likely to be viewed by other members.
  • Say more about yourself. LinkedIn lets members describe their roles with a title, which members typically fill in with their job descriptions. But this is a key place to use choice words to describe not only the work you do, but who you are and how you wish to promote yourself.
  • Tell your story. Use LinkedIn’s summary statement as an opportunity to tell a personal story that gives readers a more intimate picture of the person you are — not just in your job, but in your life as well.

These are just portions of Kelly’s seven secrets to a more engaging and successful LinkedIn profile. Download this webinar today and prepare yourself for a LinkedIn makeover.