CompTIA’s European Tech Hiring Trends provides an in-depth look at hiring trends across 11 markets: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain. The report is designed as a resource for employers, job candidates, workforce and economic developers, policy-makers, media outlets and more. CompTIA developed the report from analysis of employer job posting data aggregated by Lightcast. The Q2 2023 report release covers Q4, 2022 and some prior period data series.

Employer Job Postings for Tech Hiring Across European Countries

In total, employers across the 11 markets covered in this report posted 950,001 tech job advertisements during Q4 2022 in their efforts to hire for a range of technology professions.

Leading Job Role Categories For European Hiring Activity

While many employers now hire for skills, expertise and performance, certain criteria, such as years of experience, continue to play a role in hiring. During Q4 2022, employers focused much of their hiring efforts on entry-level positions with a desired years of experience of 0-2 years. It is difficult to determine, but presumably the ‘not specified’ segment is evenly distributed among job levels, with a portion allocated to entry-level, mid-level and advanced-level positions.

Job advertisements for technology positions represented approximately 10% of total hiring advertisements during Q4 2022. This stems from the ongoing trend of digital transformation and the growing presence of technology across industry sectors and businesses of all sizes.

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