CompTIA UK IT Employment Snapshot 2020 Q4

Learn about IT job posting trends in the UK. CompTIA provides key insights into specific occupations and skills in demand for the UK IT job market from Q4 in 2020.

Highlights of the report:

  • a. Nearly 200,000 job postings in Q4 of 2020
  • b. IT job postings were 11% of all UK job postings
  • c. Top five jobs types posted:
    • i. Programmers & Software Developers
    • ii. IT Business Analysts, Architects & System Designers
    • iii. IT User Support Technicians
    • iv. IT & Telecommunication Professionals
    • v. Web Design & Development Professionals
  • d. Top ten IT skills requested:
    • i. Software Development Principles
    • ii. SQL
    • iii. JavaScript & JQuery
    • iv. Web Development
    • v. Technical Support
    • vi. Microsoft Dev Tools
    • vii. Operating Systems
    • viii. Scripting Languages
    • ix. Cloud Solutions
    • x. Java

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