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Highly skilled tech talent is needed to accelerate growth in every industry. It’s critical that the tech talent pool better reflects the growing diversity of today’s workforce. Apprenticeships allow businesses to diversify their tech teams, which benefits both employers and employees alike.

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For Employers

  • Develop a high-skilled tech workforce
  • Diversify your talent pipeline
  • Amplify employee engagement and retention
  • Increase productivity and deliver better results
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For Training Providers

  • Enhance career pathways for job seekers and students
  • Increase opportunities for career development and employment
  • Support shift to competency-driven skill attainment
  • Launch initiatives that make a positive impact

5 Reasons Apprenticeships are a Winning Tech Talent Development Strategy for UK Businesses in 2022

  1. They ensure alignment between what the industry needs and what an employee knows
  2. They build durable and “soft” skills
  3. “Earn while you learn” helps everyone succeed
  4. There are “hidden” benefits to employers
  5. The old ways of hiring haven’t worked so well for IT

CompTIA Apprentice Training Solutions

The CompTIA Apprenticeship Bundles are designed to support training providers in delivering highly qualified candidates for their customers Apprenticeship schemes.

Training Solutions and Certification Mappings for:

  • L3 - Information Communication Technician
  • L4 - Network Engineer - Revised Standard
  • L3 - Cyber Security Technician
  • L4 - Cyber Security Technologist
  • L3 - IT Solutions Technician
  • L4 - Data Analyst
  • L3 - Digital Support Technician
  • L4 - IT Technical Salesperson

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We help you navigate the apprenticeship process, making it easy to  join as authorised partners and add CompTIA Training Solutions to your Apprenticeship offering.

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