CompTIA Tech+ Academic Courseware​ and Certification Exam

Formerly CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ and TestOut IT Fundamentals Pro Coming Fall 2024!​

Demonstrate student readiness for the tech world with CompTIA Tech+. ​

CompTIA Tech+ (FC0-071) lays the groundwork for a career in emerging tech, covering vital skills in system support, cybersecurity, and emerging tech. Tech+ builds a solid foundation and confirms student readiness for tech roles.

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CompTIA Tech+ Availability

Available August 2024 for Fall Classes:

  • First Look Access [Two modules available]: May 23, 2024
  • Courseware Preview Access: July 19, 2024
  • Learning materials available to purchase: Aug. 16, 2024
  • Certification available: Aug. 28, 2024
  • ITF+ Retirement: Summer 2025
  • IT Fundamentals Pro Retirement: Summer 2025

Prepares for:

  • CompTIA Tech+ FC0-071 (Formerly ITF+ FC0-U61)
The CompTIA Tech+ Competency Assessment is replacing the TestOut ITF Pro Certification Exam. Please contact your account rep with questions.


Available Resources:

Resources coming soon:

  • Draft Course Outline
  • Objective Mapping - Available at Release
  • Course Pacing Guide - Available at Release
  • Accessibility Document - Available at Release
  • Lesson Plans - Available at Release
  • PowerPoint Slides - Available at Release

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“IT jobs are expected to grow at nearly double (or 2x) the national estimated growth rate? Tech jobs are projected to be among the fastest-growing occupations from 2023 to 2033.”

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Why CompTIA Tech+?

Switching from CompTIA ITF+ to Tech+ isn't just a name change - it's a game changer!

CompTIA Tech+ is designed to keep pace with industry trends and uphold our reputation for excellence. CompTIA Tech+ ensures academic technology curriculums remain relevant, comprehensive, and recognized, enhancing engagement and effectiveness in technology education.

Students gain the skills and knowledge required to:

  • Understand and manage IT infrastructure and computing concepts.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve common hardware and software issues.
  • Recognize and address basic cybersecurity threats.
  • Grasp emerging technologies like AI and IoT.
  • Pursue more advanced certification pathways, such as CompTIA A+
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Understanding the Exam Changes from ITF+ to Tech+

The transition from CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) FC0-U61 to CompTIA Tech+ FC0-U71 represents a major change in the certification landscape, designed to meet the instructional needs of educators in foundational technology education.

Focus on Security: Tech+ certification includes a strong focus on teaching students about protecting digital assets, a critical skill set in today's cybersecurity-conscious environment.

Modernized Content: CompTIA Tech+ FC0-U71 modernizes the content to reflect current IT standards.

Comprehensive Skills and Knowledge: The certification has been transformed to align with the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary for navigating the contemporary technology ecosystem.

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New Tech+ Curriculum and Exam Prep

Emphasis on Practical Experience

Tech+ is designed to support a performance-based learning experience on our new learning platform with multiple resources for educators and students. It includes the best of CertMaster and TestOut learning materials.

Compare IT Fundamentals learning materials to the new Tech+ offerings.


  • Comprehensive teacher training and lesson plans
  • PowerPoint slides and LMS integration
  • Custom quiz builder and reporting tools
  • Aligns to state standards and other certifications
  • Timeline Mapping for course objectives
  • Custom quiz builder
  • Custom Reporting


  • Interactive modules and video lessons with read-along scripts
  • End-of-section quizzes and self-remediation tools
  • Fact sheets and certification practice exam materials
  • Access to interactive labs for hands-on learning
  • Timeline Mapping for course objectives
  • Accessible on Chromebook, Mac & PC
  • And much more!
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