CompTIA Security+


Thank you for your interest in the new CompTIA Security+ SY0-701 exam! Cybersecurity threats continue to grow in frequency and sophistication. And while organizations worldwide know how to combat adversaries, there simply isn’t enough qualified talent to keep pace. Submit this form to receive your sample evaluations for CompTIA Security+ learning solutions.


We know that many people interested in a tech career want to specialize in cybersecurity. When you offer CompTIA Security+ as part of that pathway, you not only pave the way for your learners’ success, but you solidify your organization’s success as well.


According to CyberSeek:

  • 24% of the total employed cybersecurity workforce in the United States are certified with CompTIA Security+
  • 85K job postings in 2023 requested CompTIA Security+

Including CompTIA Security+ in your program allows you to build a comprehensive pathway that gives learners at any level opportunities to engage and succeed.


Security Pro is an all-in-one courseware solution designed for the academic market and is ideal for entry-level users. Security Pro features ample explanation and demonstration videos to provide extra guidance for learners, as well as scripted simulations.


CertMaster Learn + Labs Security+ features sophisticated, virtual machine labs that allow students to work in live environments to complete both guided and unassisted tasks, and also provides flexible solutions, such as CertMaster Practice for exam prep and the Security+ Study Guide as a print/e-book option.


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