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Welcome to CompTIA, the leading IT and Business Technology provider for educational courseware and industry-recognized certifications.

We help you keep pace with tech trends, build and expand your tech programs, and manage resources that are key to overcoming today’s educational challenges.

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K12 Education

Premier Training and Industry Certifications for High Schools

Our curriculum is designed to set both you and your students on the path to success, fostering the development of essential workplace skills.

We collaborate with global industry leaders to ensure our certifications encapsulate the skills and training your students require to hit the ground running in the dynamic IT landscape.

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The Ultimate Training Solution

CompTIA courses are brimming with tools designed to streamline your teaching process. Each course is packed with teacher tools like custom exam building, student reporting, class administration, and more to help simplify the teaching process.

Our all-in-one courseware works on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks and is adaptable for in-person, hybrid, self-paced, or remote learning. It includes the training, interactive labs, and certification prep your students need to successfully develop job-ready skills and pass industry certification exams.

Instructional Videos
Text Lessons
Lesson Plans
Custom Exams
Lab Simulations
Certification Practice Exams

Partner with CompTIA for Success

Resources and tools to help teachers and students increase success.



  • Connect4: Helps connect students prepare for work-based learning programs and jobs
  • Regional Cyber Job Stats Finder
  • Career Planning Tool
  • Salary Calculator
  • CompTIA/Zip Recruiter Job Finder
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