CompTIA Network+ Academic Courseware​ and Certification Exam

Network+ (N10-009)

Ensure Your Students Have Proven, Real-World Networking Skills

CompTIA's CertMaster for Network+ helps instructors provide students with hands-on, experiential training and certification preparation using up-to-date, engaging content and simulated and optional live software tools that are valued by organizations looking for strong computer networking skills.

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Two Courseware Options:

CompTIA CertMaster Learn & CertMaster Perform (with additional live virtual machine labs)

Available for Summer Classes

  • Courseware Preview Access-(the full course with limited availability for purchase): May 14, 2024
  • General Availability: June 20, 2024
  • Network+ (N10-008) Retirement: December 20, 2024

Prepares for:

  • CompTIA Network+ (N10-009)

Resources: coming soon

  • Draft Course Outline
  • Network+ Objectives
  • Objective Mapping - Available at Release
  • Course Pacing Guide - Available at Release
  • Accessibility Document - Available at Release
  • Lesson Plans - Available at Release
  • PowerPoint Slides - Available at Release


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Network Modeler v2

Why CompTIA Network+?

Validate Networking Expertise. CompTIA Network+ (N10-009) helps develop a core foundation of essential networking skills, empowering students to succeed in the ever-evolving IT landscape and advance their career.

Students gain the skills and knowledge required to:

  • Establish network connectivity by deploying wired and wireless devices.
  • Explain the purpose of documentation and maintain network documentation.
  • Configure common network services.
  • Explain basic data-center, cloud and virtual networking concepts.
  • Monitor network activity and troubleshoot performance and availability issues.
  • Implement network security hardening techniques.
  • Manage, configure and troubleshoot network infrastructure.

CompTIA Network+ maps to the following job roles:

Primary Job Roles:

  • Junior Network Administrator
  • NOC Technician
  • Systems Administrator

Secondary Job Roles:

  • Datacenter Support Technician
  • Telecommunications Technician
  • IT Support Manager
  • Tier II Support Technician

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Network administration is one of the largest tech occupation categories with an estimated base of 330,700+ employed US workers in 2023.

(CompTIA State of the Tech Workforce 2023)


New CompTIA Network+ CertMaster Curriculum and Exam Prep

Combining CompTIA’s CertMaster and TestOut Network Pro into one solution!

Teacher Benefits & Resources

  • Comprehensive Teaching Toolkit: Includes the NEW Network Modeler application, lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, and LMS integration for a seamless teaching experience.
  • Enhanced Learning Support: Offers free teacher access and training, aligning with state standards, certifications, and providing timeline mapping for course objectives.
  • Assessment & Progress Tracking: Features a custom quiz builder, self-contained resources, custom reports to track student progress, time in resources, scores, and attempts.

Student Benefits & Resources

  • Engaging Learning Materials: Video lessons with interactive scripts, end-of-section quizzes, fact sheets, and self-remediation tools.
  • Comprehensive Exam Preparation: Includes certification practice exam material and an interactive lab environment with an open-ended lab sandbox on select courses.
  • Flexible & Accessible: Accessible on Mac, Chromebook, and PC, culminating in a Course Assessment Certificate.
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Understanding the exam changes for CompTIA Network+ (N10-009)

The updated Network+ (N10-009) certification blends modern network security and technological advancements, equipping IT professionals with advanced strategies and topics to thrive in today's dynamic network environments.

  • Evolving Threats & Modern Solutions: The Network+ (N10-009) update expands on modern network environments and proactive attack prevention.
  • Current Industry Standards: Incorporates SD-WAN, VxLAN, IaC, zero-trust architecture, and SASE/SSE, ensuring alignment with today's standards.
  • Beyond Basics: Delivers in-depth insights into data flow and infrastructure management through concepts like IDF and MDF.
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