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DataSys+ is CompTIA's intermediate-level certification, designed to equip learners with comprehensive database management skills, preparing them for a thriving DBA career in our data-centric world.

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CompTIA DataSys+ PROVES YOUR ability to navigate the complex landscape of data systems

More than just a credential, CompTIA DataSys+ is designed to equip students with the skills to manage, analyze, and interpret data.

Differentiate Your Students With CompTIA DataSys+

The Only Vendor-Neutral Database Certification Option

Your students will develop and validate data administrator skills regardless of where their IT future takes them.

Empower Future DBAs

DataSys+ provides a standardized skill set, shaping students for successful database administration careers

Fueling Future IT Careers

Equip your students to meet the rising demand for skilled big data administrators.

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Elevate your teaching and learning experience as we empower educators with comprehensive tools and enrich students with industry-recognized skills.

Benefits for Educators

With CompTIA DataSys+, educators gain access to a comprehensive suite of teaching tools, curriculum resources, and tracking capabilities.

Our platform is designed to make teaching IT easier, more efficient, and more effective.

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Benefits for Students

CompTIA DataSys+ prepares students for the IT industry by providing them with valuable skills and industry-recognized certifications.

With our program, students can improve their job prospects and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

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DataSys+ Features and Capabilities

Introducing CompTIA DataSys+ for the academic market, a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower students for success in IT careers. CompTIA's vendor-neutral exams validate job-ready skills, making them a crucial stepping stone for tech professionals, assuring their competence on the job.

Knowledge Acquisition

CertMaster Learn for DataSys+ DS0-001 provides comprehensive eLearning, aiding students' success in IT careers. Our exclusive Instructor Guide offers global insights.

Practical Application

CertMaster Labs for DataSys+ DS0-001 enables students to develop hands-on skills in a remote, browser-based lab environment

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CertMaster Practice for DataSys+ DS0-001 is an online tool assisting students in preparing for the certification exam.


CompTIA's vendor-neutral exams validate job-ready skills, making them essential for many tech professionals and assuring competence on the job.

Equip your students with the IT skills they need for success.

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