7 Steps for Cloud Technology Patching

Switching to cloud technology can be a huge load off your shoulders, with less hardware to maintain and immediate scalability of resources. But, even with the advantages of cloud computing, there is still work to be done on your end. If you want keep your cloud technology running smoothly, you’ll need your own perfect cloud technology patching process.

Patches are a constant in the IT realm. Cloud technology updates are always being released, and it can become quite the chore figuring out which ones are worthy of your attention. But don’t let patching your cloud technology become a headache. With these seven steps, you can develop your own cloud technology patching order of operations and stay ahead of those upgrades for good.

A wheel showing the seven steps of cloud patching, as described in the article.

7 Steps for Cloud Patching

1. Jot it down

Conduct an inventory of your cloud technology. Document the type, version, IP address, physical location and function of each component.

2. Line ‘em up

Standardize cloud components of the same type. Align your cloud technology components so that they all use the same version of software/firmware, reducing the number of different patches you’ll need.

3. Make some notes

Inventory your security controls. Check and record all routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), anti-malware and any other security controls used in your cloud technology, along with their configurations.

4. Bust out the charts

Compare vulnerabilities against your inventory. Implement a system to track reported vulnerabilities and regularly match those against your inventory.

5. Time to rank

Classify the risk to your cloud technology. Assess each vulnerability based on how critical it is and the significance of the systems it affects.

6. Send ‘em off

Deploy patches to your cloud technology to stay on top of cloud maintenance. Implement patches without causing outages or downtime.

7. Keep your eye on the prize

Monitor your patches. Always keep an eye on patches you deploy and be prepared to implement a backup plan should issues develop.

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