How to Become the Most Valuable IT Pro
5 Traits of MV(IT)Ps

Seeking Success: Becoming the Most Valuable IT Pro

Ask yourself a question: What makes someone the most valuable?

When you walked the halls of your school, it was easy to identify those who were the most likely to succeed. You knew those individuals who had top-notch grades and were admired for their ambitions, intelligence and unmatched abilities. You may have seen them traversing the halls, sporting an air of confidence that others tried to imitate. Adulthood also has its fair share of most valuable members. Similarly, they are not difficult to spot. That easy manner, the self-assured confidence and, of course, the spark of innovation.

The MV(IT)P isn’t the person who knows every single detail involving networks or the one who knows how to perform each and every high-level IT task. The MV(IT)P is resourceful and knows how to make it all work together. A jack-of-all-trades, the MV(IT)P can fix problems when push comes to shove.

In the IT world, this person is the Most Valuable IT Pro or MV(IT)P.

Going for the Gold: Why You Need to Be an MV(IT)P

Every industry needs superstars. The IT industry is no exception. Certain trends, such as cloud computing, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), are emerging in the IT world as the rate of technological development continues to skyrocket. So, you might find yourself asking, “Where do I fit in?” We can help with that. When problems arise, the IT world needs a hero who can swoop in and save the day. This is where an MV(IT)P comes into play.


In our advancing technological world, IT departments are becoming more of an integral part of business functionality rather than separate entities.

Previously, IT departments would act in support of business operations. Now, the IT department dips its toes in nearly every nook and cranny of the business, from infrastructure needs to marketing, communications, data analysis and even basic functions such as hiring and recruiting.

This integration is spawning a growth in the need for IT professionals who understand how this all works together to form a cohesive unit and keep businesses running smoothly.


Instead of limiting your skillset to a single specialty, you can save the day and become the MV(IT)P by gaining a versatile set of relevant IT skills.

Growing your IT certifications list will help you gain a broad knowledge base so that you can be the all-purpose IT pro who knows how to make things work. The MV(IT)P isn’t the person who knows every single detail involving networks or the one who knows how to perform each and every high-level IT task.

The MV(IT)P is resourceful and knows how to make it all work together. A jack-of-all-trades, the MV(IT)P can fix problems when push comes to shove.


Bringing Home the Win: Why It Pays to Be an MV(IT)P

  • 91% of U.S. IT hiring managers indicate some degree of gaps in IT skills between what their organization needs from new IT employees and the IT skills they possess
  • 91% of employers believe IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process and that IT certifications are a reliable predictor of employee success
  • 92% of employers said IT certified individuals receive higher starting salaries than those without IT certifications
  • 90% of employers agree IT-certified individuals are more likely to be promoted than those without IT certifications
  • 92% of employers believe IT certifications help to ensure credibility of IT employees
  • 96% of HR managers use IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria during recruitment

MV(IT)Ps are the most valued members of an IT team - and it shows.

Taking First Place: Gaining Versatility with Infrastructure

You’ve decided to go for the gold. That all sounds grand. You set your sights, and the excitement starts to build as you focus your ambitions on your goal: The MV(IT)P award. But, how do you get there?


You’ll need a broad knowledge base where it matters the most. The most successful IT professionals are those who are considered truly versatile. To set up the win, you’ll need to equip yourself with a wealth of infrastructure knowledge and the best technical certifications.

Taking the Win: What Exactly Is Infrastructure Anyway?

Regardless of an organization’s business model, infrastructure is a large part of business operations.

Infrastructure teams are responsible for installing technology and ensuring proper functionality for day-to-day business operations and end users.

The infrastructure team performs the following tasks:

  • Server Maintenance
  • System Administration
  • Network Configuration
  • Storage Planning

Infrastructure is the backbone of any organization. The infrastructure team is most often associated with those essential IT tasks that keep technology up and running. The rest of the organization relies on these tasks to keep the business functioning smoothly.

The Path to Victory: CompTIA Infrastructure Pathway Certification

The path to MV(IT)P is made simplest with the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway. By following it, you don’t have to worry about piecing together the relevant training you’ll need to get ahead. The pathway is straightforward, vendor neutral and respected by employers everywhere.

Crossing the Finish Line: Going for the Role of MV(IT)P


The easiest way to ensure you are gaining the right infrastructure knowledge is by following the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway. Growing your list of IT certifications will help you gain the infrastructure skills you need to succeed in any business model. The certification pathway takes the guesswork out of piecing together which certification is right for you. You’re going to need a display case for all of the awards you’ll be adding to your IT certifications list.

The key to being an MV(IT)P is versatility, regardless of where your path to victory starts. Technical certifications are a valuable asset for IT newbies or seasoned specialists. Whether you are starting from scratch or adding to your current list of IT certifications, CompTIA can help you get what you need to become an MV(IT)P.

  • If you’re just starting out in IT and looking to gain valuable skills, the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway ensures you are focusing your efforts where it matters. With this top IT certification path, you’ll gain the skills you need to get hired and move up.
  • If you’re struggling as a specialist, these technical certifications will help you add to your skillset with the knowledge you need to keep from being pigeonholed and left behind as technology advances.

Giving You What You Need to Succeed: CompTIA’s Unique Approach to IT Certifications


At CompTIA, we specialize in vendor-neutral certifications. You can take what you learn and apply it within any industry or business model. Our technical certifications give you a broad range of knowledge that is essential and relevant, no matter where you go.

We also offer extra support to help you prep for your CompTIA exam. CompTIA CertMaster Learn is a powerful test-prep solution that helps you identify what you already know and hone in on any gaps in your knowledge so that you spend your valuable time on the material that matters. CompTIA CertMaster Labs allows you to acquire the necessary hands-on skills for your certification exam. You will develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter and reinforce the practical aspects of certification exam objectives. And CompTIA CertMaster Practice assesses your knowledge and exam readiness by confirming strong areas and filling knowledge gaps in weak areas – helping you feel more prepared and confident going into your certification exam.


Set your sights on the top IT certifications and unleash your inner MV(IT)P. With CompTIA certifications, you will have the knowledge you need to help power a thriving business. Make yourself a valuable IT pro with the best certifications you can get.

Want to be an MV(IT)P? Start by taking the free career pathway quiz.


CompTIA is a leading voice and advocate for the $5 trillion global information technology ecosystem; and the estimated 75 million industry and tech professionals, who design, implement, manage and safeguard the technology that powers the world’s economy. Through education, training, certifications, advocacy, philanthropy and market research, CompTIA is the hub for advancing the tech industry and its workforce.

In addition to empowering IT professionals, we are also trusted by employers and HR professionals everywhere. CompTIA certifications show an employer that you are committed to continuing your education. Our technical certifications and range of programs foster workforce skills development and generate critical knowledge and insight – building the foundation for technology’s future.

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