CTCA Closure FAQ

Why is CTCA closing? 

The business of operating an accredited academic institution is both rewarding and challenging. Knowing that you are impacting the careers and lives of so many can make the business of education incredibly fulfilling. However, being able to ensure that the business also thrives is an important aspect of offering education to so many. We decided to sunset CTCA because it has not met our needs and expectations as we sought to expand deeper into the accredited higher education institution model. Through this process, we reached the conclusion that we are best suited as a training solutions provider rather than an academic institution.

As a CTCA alumni, how do I get a copy of my transcripts?

CTCA alumni should contact [email protected] if they need copies of their transcripts.

How will the CTCA closure affect my financial aid?

It will not. If you have specific financial aid concerns, please contact [email protected].

How does the closure of CTCA impact CompTIA's ability to deliver high-quality certification and training?

With the closure of CTCA, CompTIA will focus on delivering high-quality through other methods, such as Live Online Training options and Custom Training Solutions. Through this recalibration, CompTIA will transition from educating several hundred learners each year to thousands. And, through this strategy, CompTIA will be better positioned to help many more learners find a new career and livelihood in the thriving information technology industry.