FALL 2017 | CompTIAWorld 5 Note from Nancy Welcome to the second edition of CompTIA- World. This issue we turn our focus to the work CompTIA and our members are doing to build and strengthen the 21st century workforce. As technology expands into every corner of every industry, the need for tech workers grows and the skills gap widens. Workers are falling behind on the STEM skills needed for global economies to remain competitive and societies to remain secure. The current workforce needs continued education and support to remain relevant and much work needs to be done to attract the next generation of tech workers. While tech jobs are amongst the highest paying positions, with salaries often twice the national average, the number of students pursuing careers in technology is stalling. New approaches in education policy are needed as well, as the curriculum of yesteryear falls short of building a workforce prepared for tomorrow’s global marketplace. Technology innovation is advancing so rapidly, it’s disruptive impact is palpable. While artificial intelligence and robotics will no doubt affect the global workforce, the potential of big data analytics, mobile internet and the Internet of Things is tremendous. Knowledge and oversight in times of great change are critical. As the IT industry’s global trade association, CompTIA is committed to being a voice and an advocate for the 21st century workforce. Our commitment is so strong, we recently acquired the long- standing Association of IT Professionals to join forces and offer an association for IT pros and those seeking to join the industry and grow successful careers. The new CompTIA AITP is opening its doors to members this very week! In this issue, our President and CEO Todd Thibodeaux shares 10 critical skills for today’s IT pros that will take IT into the future – and they are not all technical. Learn more about the new CompTIA AITP and how being part of an association network can advance the career of an IT pro. Charles Eaton, CEO of Creating IT Futures, the charitable ARM of CompTIA, shares what CITF is doing to get people of all ages in tech, as well as how CompTIA members can get involved. From the classroom to the military, from small business to space, from the U.S. to the world, CompTIA and its members are working hard to inspire and build the 21st century workforce and drive the global technology industry boldly into the future. Thanks for being part of it, and let us know what you are doing in your corner of CompTIAWorld. Note From Nancy Want more information? Contact Membership@CompTIA.org. EVP, Industry Relations Group