FALL 2017 | CompTIAWorld 21 benefits such as tools to build professionally formatted resumes that highlight her market- able skills with the types of experience employ- ers require, as well as a national network to find potential employers. It’s all part of the myriad ways CompTIA AITP helps IT pros of all stripes advance in their careers, from recent grads like Cardelli to those just starting to get AARP mailings. Educators, students and anyone interested in a tech career can get something out of CompTIA AITP, which attracts and supports a large, diverse and skilled talent pool that it feeds back into the ecosystem and grows into the next generation of IT professionals. Through the TechTalent career portal, CompTIA AITP members can search millions of open positions and find the job of their dreams. TechTalent also allows job hunters to plug in their current skill-set and compare it to the skills required for their dream job, so they can create a roadmap to their goals. Knowing how fast-moving tech industries are, CompTIA AITP will provide members with industry insights and research and opportunities to expand their skills through content postings, webinars and virtual events like IT Pro Day. “I would say the biggest thing AITP has done to help my career was to teach me the skills to manage projects and run events,” said Carlton 2017 AITP Tech Awards, AITP Ozarks Chapter “Being an active AITP member provided me with insights that would have been impossible to learn limiting myself just to my own company’s challenges.” – Paul Dittmann, IT professional