CompTIAWorld | FALL 2017 12 CompTIA Member Matters Texas State Grad AITP Member Takes on Cybersecurity Cybersecurity specialist Maxwell Wethington graduated from Texas State University in May and is using the skills he learned in school plus the intel from tech professionals he met during his two years as a CompTIA AITP member to inspire him in his new position as a systems architect. “I’m going to be doing cybersecurity, and essentially it’s figuring out how to create or solve the most difficult puzzles anyone in the history of humanity has ever designed,” he said. “I’m really excited about it.” Wethington ran his own technology business all through high school, and he let his success with Maxwell IT lead him to computer information systems rather an entrepreneurial degree. “I decided I’d really rather get the hands- on experience that I needed to be able to create something and make things work better,” Wethington said. He credits CompTIA AITP for introducing him to IT pros, mentors and cybersecurity experts, plus like-minded technology friends and people, to challenge him to be his best. “AITP and the friends I’ve made here just made the major and all the work worth it,” he said. “It’s harder to find those things outside a professional IT organization than it is within a professional IT organization.” Now that he’s graduated, Wethington plans to upgrade from AITP student membership to IT pro membership status. “I absolutely will,” he said. “I feel like it’s been a really big benefit, and I’d hate to lose that link to the people I’ve met already.” He tells IT pros, technology “AITP and the friends I’ve made here made all the work worth it.” students and pretty much anyone who will listen to find a group of like-minded tech pros to learn from. “And don’t skimp on taking a networking class,” he said. “It’s so much fun.” Maxwell Wethington, AITP Member