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All Wi-Fi is not GOOD Wi-Fi - Joint Security & Future Leaders Virtual Community Meeting, June 7, 2016

Slides and Recording Link (first slide) We all connect to free Wi-Fi, whether it is in your hotel, favorite coffee place or at the airport. In a constantly connected world its expected. But did you know there are activities you shouldn’t perform on free Wi-Fi? Join Victor Johnston as he walks through safe practices for public Wi-Fi. You’ll be surprised at what you DON’T know. Walk away with these practical tips: 1. Why is a public network risky? 2. What kind of activities should I avoid doing? 3. What mobile apps can help to alert me if I am on an unsafe network? 4. Statistics on identity theft because of computing on mobile networks. You’ll be armed to share these with friends, staff, and clients! Speaker bio: Victor Johnston is currently an executive council member of the Future Leaders Community and avid supporter of the IT Security Community. He brings over 14 years of IT Technical, solution engineering, government contracting, adult education, and entrepreneurial experience. Victor is the owner of Johnston IT Consulting as well as holding two other positions as a government contractor and an IT Instructor for Miller-Motte Career College. Prior to opening his own business, Victor served in the US Army. As an avid student, he is working on his 3rd Master’s Degree, this one in Cyber Security. He continues to be an advocate and philanthropist for Veterans and High-Risk Teenagers. The recording link is on the first slide of the deck.