Partner Advisory Council


Welcome to our Partner Advisory Council!

Greater Synergy through Partnerships

CompTIA’s Partner Advisory Council members represent the interests of companies that offer a service to end-customers such as:

  • Resellers.
  • Managed service providers.
  • Integrators.
  • Telcom/cloud service agents.

In most cases, these organizations provide additional value such as consulting, planning, integration, operation, support, maintenance and solution development. Their place in the sales process requires them to triangulate between their own needs, the needs of the customer and the needs of the vendors and distributors from whom they source product.

What We Do
Partners face a number of challenges in the current technology environment, including business model transitions and the related profit margin implications. Further challenges include finding successful new ways to differentiate themselves against competitors and the ongoing process of understanding customer business imperatives in ways that are actionable and scalable. CompTIA’s Partner Advisory Council facilitates discussions on these and other topics as part of our commitment to fostering the development of highly successful go-to-market models.

Our Advisory Councils are invite only but if you would like to nominate a channel leader to the CompTIA Partner Advisory Council, please contact Annette Taber.