Community Initiatives

Our Cloud Community is a meeting ground for all kinds of collaborative efforts from independent software vendors, solution providers and industry thought leaders. Below is a list of all of our community projects as well as their current status and owner.

In Progress Initiatives

GroupInitiatives/Project NameStatusCompletion DateOwner
No records to display.

Completed Initiatives

GroupInitiatives/Project NameStatusCompletion DateOwner
Cloud/SaaS Born In The Cloud Complete12/31/15Chris Phillips
Cloud/SaaS Strategic Planning and 2013 Initiative Development Complete09/30/13John Rice
Cloud/SaaS Media Partnerships Complete12/31/13Vlad Mazek
Cloud/SaaS Cloud/SaaS Education 2.0 Complete12/31/12Jim Hamilton
Cloud/SaaS Cloud Credential / Certification Complete12/13/11Rick Bauer
Cloud/SaaS 2014 Cloud Industry Roadmap Complete12/02/14Chris Phillips
Cloud/SaaS Cloud/SaaS Vendor Trustmark Complete12/31/14Miles Jobgen
Cloud/SaaS Cloud Go To Market Education Complete12/31/16Jason Bystrak
Cloud/SaaS 2014 Cloud Cafe Complete12/31/14John Rice