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Thank you for your interest in the CompTIA Security Trustmark. This pre-assessment is the first step in the application process. The purpose is to give applicants a strong indication of their outcome on the CompTIA Security Trustmark application. Completing this pre-application will save you time and resources in the event the results show remediation is needed before applying.

The pre-assessment is composed of 12 questions, each representing one of the 12 sections of the CompTIA Security Trustmark application. The questions are weighted by importance.

For each question, you can answer “Yes,” “No,” or “Partial.”
  • A “Yes” answer will result in passing that section
  • A “No” answer will result in failing that section and will most likely require remediation
  • A “Partial” answer will result in passing that section, but may require slight to moderate remediation.

An overall pre-assessment score of 65% or higher will result in a recommendation to complete the CompTIA Security Trustmark application, although sections with "partial" answers may require some level of remediation before obtaining the designation. A pre-assessment score below 65% means remediation is likely before applying for the CompTIA Security Trustmark.

The pre-assessment is a preliminary screening designed to save applicants time and money if they appear not to be ready for the application process. However, if you believe the results of the pre-assessment inaccurately reflect your readiness to apply for the CompTIA Security Trustmark, you may submit an application along with the fee. There is no way for CompTIA to know if you are completely ready until you have submitted your application and the requested documents, and an interview is conducted.

After you complete the pre-assessment, you will receive a confirmation with your score. You will also receive recommendations for resources to help you improve your score, and instructions for the next step in the application process.

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