Wonder Woman's Arsenal Is YOURS with CompTIA Certifications

The new Wonder Woman movie opens in theaters today. With her superhuman skills and specialized set of tools, the story of DC Comics' most famous superheroine can give us some pointers on how to look at IT work and CompTIA certifications – ones that both the wondrous women and great guys of IT can appreciate.

Wonder Woman is the latest of the famous DC Comics characters to hit the big screen in a summer blockbuster, and it's been a long time coming. We'll no doubt see something quite different than the campy but compellingly watchable '70s TV show starring Lynda Carter, which familiarized a generation with the character. But as we prepare to head out to the theater and see how director Patty Jenkins imagines DC's flagship superheroine, there's wisdom to be found in Wonder Woman and the way she uses her weaponry.

While Batman has gadgets and ingenuity, and Superman is mostly undefeatable, Wonder Woman is a born warrior with both the tools of the trade and the knowhow to handle them. What is IT about if not that combination of intuition and expertise? And this is what certifications both teach and validate. So let's take a look at how the trademark tools in Wonder Woman's arsenal match up with CompTIA's foundational certification offerings.

The Indestructible Bracelets: CompTIA Security+

Along with the tiara and star-spangled getup, Wonder Woman's wristbands are probably her most familiar accoutrement. These small, unassuming pieces of armor can stop a spray of bullets when on the wrists of a person with the talent to use them.



CompTIA Security+ is the indestructible bracelet of the certification world. An IT pro whose resume is enhanced with Security+ can harden a network's security, offering the baseline of defense against the flurry of incoming threats targeting business networks from every direction.

While there's no actual acrobatics involved, providing baseline security can certainly require some mental somersaults – and as you move up the certifications ladder with CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), the more threats you can see coming in the distance and the better you get at keeping them from doing damage.

The Lasso of Truth: CompTIA Network+

Wonder Woman doesn't just wrangle enemies with her lasso. She uses the mystical implement to find out what she needs to know.


In a business world built entirely around information streaming down CAT 5 cables and over Wi-Fi signals, keeping a constant pipeline of data moving is the name of the game. That's why CompTIA Network+ is the IT worker's Lasso of Truth, confirming the ability to get critical data where it needs to go – uninterrupted.

The Invisible Jet: CompTIA A+

Is Wonder Woman's invisible jet a campy vestige of her 1940s comic book origins? Perhaps. Would it give today's FAA a headache? Heck, they've got enough going on trying to figure out drones. But it's nonetheless an important part of Wonder Woman's toolbox. And if you think about it, with a CompTIA A+ certification, IT employees are zooming around the office in an invisible jet of their own.


When Wonder Woman flies that jet, she's got a world of hyper-advanced technology around her that nobody else can see. As a CompTIA A+-certified IT pro, this is how you appear to non-technical staff. With every help desk ticket you handle and motherboard you swap out, you are interacting with a world that nobody else sees, but that keeps the whole business afloat and gets everyone where they need to go.  

Want to start piloting your own invisible jet and fly your way to a top-tier IT career? See what CompTIA certifications can offer you!

Matthew Stern is a freelance writer based in Chicago who covers information technology, retail and various other topics and industries. 

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