From a Single Classroom to Asia's Largest IT Education System: The AMAES and CompTIA Partnership Story

The AMAES, the largest educational system in Asia, mission statement reads in part: “Provide a holistic, relevant, quality and globally recognized IT-based education in all levels and disciplines.” Check out this partnership story between The AMAES and CompTIA.

From a Single Classroom to Asia's Largest IT Education System The AMAES and CompTIA Partnership StoryIn the late 1970s a hard-working computer salesperson, Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, founded the AMA Computer College (AMACC) in Manila, Philippines to provide individuals with free computer classes with the hopes that knowledge would lead to a purchase of a personal computer. While his sales strategy didn’t pan out, he was fully aware that computers were increasingly showing up in the workplace and at universities — and a new goal was born. He decided to focus on teaching young Filipinos how to use computers.

Over the next three decades, his school — now named the AMA Education System (AMAES) — grew to become the largest educational system in Asia, with more than 400 campuses nationwide and abroad offering information technology (IT) instruction to more than 150,000 students annually.

Today young learners need to understand much more than simply how to use a computer. The challenges of a rapidly evolving technology landscape are complex. Future IT professionals need to be certain that the skills they learn are relevant and meet the global standards of their chosen career fields, as well as the need for lifelong learning and skills development. That’s why AMAES partnered with CompTIA in September 2022 to add valuable industry certification exams to the school’s IT training offerings.

Partnering With CompTIA

As AMAES grew into a world-class education conglomerate, it has partnered with numerous recognized and trusted global brands to ensure that its students receive the best IT education possible.

"Partnering with CompTIA signifies AMAES's commitment to providing learners with industry-recognized certifications and enhances the credibility and recognition of our offerings, boosting the employability and career opportunities of our students," Chancellor Amos Kiprop Kibet said.

AMAES courses now offer a range of valuable and widely recognized CompTIA certifications including:

CompTIA ITF+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials+, CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA CySA+ certifications are mandatory for all students. This ensures that they complete their schooling at AMAES with a multifaceted and highly adaptable IT skill set, a strong foundation for a variety of IT career paths.

AMAES students have access to additional foundational training from the CompTIA Digital Literacy Pro course, which is required learning for about 5,000 students at the 11th- and 12th-grade levels.

AMAES also utilizes official CompTIA training solutions, allowing students to learn using high-quality, up-to-date content specifically tailored to CompTIA certifications. AMAES students benefit from using the CompTIA CertMaster learning tool as well, which allows them to learn and practice IT concepts using interactive online labs at any hour of the day or night.

But it’s not just the students who benefit from the partnership with CompTIA – AMAES faculty also get in on the action.

"Our faculty undergo training and receive updates on the latest advancements and changes in CompTIA certifications,” Kibet said. “This enables them to deliver high-quality instruction and provide guidance to students pursuing CompTIA certifications.”

The Benefits of Certification

According to Kibet the school’s partnership with CompTIA helps them reach their academic goals by offering industry-recognized certifications.

“Our collaboration enables us to align our curriculum, instructional methodologies and resources with industry demands to ensure that students receive training relevant to the needs of employers," he said.

AMAES students have a wide selection of cutting-edge technologies to choose from. The different areas of study include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), cybersecurity, cloud computing, software development, blockchain, DevOps, app creation, data science and data analytics.

CompTIA plays a crucial role in helping students achieve their academic goals and eventually enter and achieve success in their respective industry.

"These certifications enhance student resumes and demonstrate students' readiness to meet industry demands while contributing effectively in the fast-paced world of technology," Kibet said.

Laser Focused on a Shared Mission

The AMAES mission statement reads in part: “Provide a holistic, relevant, quality and globally recognized IT-based education in all levels and disciplines.”

Administrators and faculty ensure that the school's mission and goals are an integral part of each program and course by conducting comprehensive needs assessments to understand industry trends, skill demands and emerging technologies. A valuable part of that effort is to engage others to gather important information.

"We actively engage with industry professionals, employers, alumni and other stakeholders to gain insights into their expectations and requirements," Kibet said. "Their input helps us shape our programs and courses to meet current and future workforce demands."

CompTIA shares this mission. CompTIA certifications are created for the technology industry by using subject matter experts (SMEs). These SMEs work with peers and CompTIA staff to create or review exam items associated with the technologies, skills and best practices used by IT professionals.

With graduates across the globe, AMAES maintains a robust alumni organization that helps to advise professors and administrators. Consulting with employers during the design phase of curriculum opens opportunities for students to access the business world – including internships and job opportunities – more easily.

"By actively engaging employers in curriculum design, providing internships and organizing job fairs, AMAES facilitates the seamless transition of learners into the workforce," Kibet said.

In addition to regular strategic planning, AMAES invests heavily in the professional development of their faculty to ensure they have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the organization's mission.

The Future Is Bright

AMAES' reach extends outside the Philippines. They currently have campuses in eight other countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. According to Kibet, the additional campuses are beneficial to all AMAES students regardless of where they reside.

"These collaborations enable AMAES to offer international exchange programs, joint research initiatives and academic partnerships, providing learners with a global perspective and opportunities for cross cultural experiences," he said.

Chancellor Kibet is excited about the collaboration with CompTIA and what the future holds for AMAES and its students and faculty.

"Our partnership plans with CompTIA encompass a strategic approach that involves the advancement of present integrations and the introduction of more new courses aligned with the emerging industry driven certifications," he said.

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