James Stanger in the News: Career Check-in

James Stanger is quoted in CIO from IDG on March 5, 2018.

stack of newspapersCareers are like plants – they require attention to grow, and when they aren't receiving it, they stop growing. There could be many factors as to why your career isn't moving while you see others around you progressing. James Stanger checks in and speaks to how career tracks aren't always linear and change as technology progresses. Fighting the flow of technology won't land you in a winning seat.

“If you find yourself dissatisfied with your existing gig, then ask yourself what will bring more satisfaction. If retirement isn’t a valid answer — it rarely is — then consider focusing on skills that your business needs,” he said. “Those skills might seem a long ways away from your current skill set. But don’t worry about that. Set a goal that’s in line with your business. Then, take fundamental, real ‘baby steps’ towards that goal. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll get to a fantastic place in your career once you start down that path.

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