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How to Choose the Best IT Certification Training Product for You

Deciding to pursue an IT certification may be easy, but what can be difficult is preparing for the exam. Understanding how you learn best, as well as what training modes and materials are available to you, will go a long way in making exam prep less stressful.

How do you learn best? An image showing a laptop, books, mobile devices and more.Most IT pros are well aware that they need to consistently gain new skills to stay relevant in their industry, according to a LinkedIn survey. When asked what skills they thought they’d need to develop to stay cutting-edge over the next three years, 73 percent said security, 65 percent said virtualization, 61 percent said cloud/hosted services and 52 percent said networks and infrastructure.

While some gain such skills from personal study, most attain them through the process of pursuing IT certifications. Not only do certifications give these people the skills they need to stay relevant in their field, but they also give them the credentials they need to increase their hireability.

Deciding to pursue an IT certification may be easy, and when it comes to taking the exam, knowing the material is half the battle. But knowing what to study and how to do so efficiently can be challenging. Understanding your learning style, as well as the various training resources that are available to you, will go a long way in making the exam-prep process less stressful.

What’s Your Learning Style (and Why Does It Matter)?

The idea that people learn in different ways is not a new concept. Still, plenty of people have no idea how they learn best. When it comes to understanding what type of learner you are, knowledge is power. Knowing how your brain prefers to process new information will help you choose the most effective training tools for you. Not sure what your learning style is? Take our quiz.

Two Modes of Training for IT Professionals

Knowing what modes of training are available to you is just as critical to adequately preparing for an IT certification exam as understanding your learning style.

While there are four types of learners, there are just two broad types of training: self-study and instructor led. Self-study is paced and managed by the learner and is generally best for those who are self-directed and self-motivated. Conversely, instructor-led training happens in a physical classroom and is managed and paced by the expert teaching the course. This type of training is best for those who need more accountability, or who simply prefer to learn in a traditional environment.

Training Products to Help You Reach Your Goals

CompTIA now offers three types of self-study materials to help you prepare and gain confidence for your CompTIA certification exam. IT pros who prefer self-study to instructor-led training have the following options:

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  • Physical Books: Some people learn best through the tactile experience of turning pages, writing notes and highlighting important details that they can flip back to later. Official CompTIA study guides are available as both traditional, printed books and eBooks.
  • eBooks: An eBook can be downloaded to a variety of mobile devices. They save physical space, are weightless and can be easily revised and updated. CompTIA eBooks are digital study guides specifically created to prepare learners for their certification exams.
  • eLearning Tools: eLearning tools, like the CompTIA CertMaster family of products, offer a more personalized, more convenient option for those who want the guidance of curriculum without the schedule of a classroom. They are designed to deliver, track and securely store all of a learner’s training resources on the cloud.

Training Tools That All Work Together

The great thing about the tools mentioned above is that they can work in tandem with one another. For example, someone may prefer to attend classes, but supplement that with a self-study tool. You don’t have to choose just one way to get the knowledge you need to build your IT skill set.  

By choosing the learning mode and materials that work best for you, you’ll deepen your ability to retain information and increase your chances of acing your next IT certification exam.

CompTIA Official Training Content Streamlines Learning

With CompTIA official training products, IT pros no longer have to patch together a training program from different sources, which can be a real pain. Using the same source for exam preparation and certification ensures that your training is cohesive and enables you to focus on learning so you can set yourself up for exam success. 

The recently updated CompTIA Store makes it easy for you to find training products and bundles based on the certification you're working toward. Once you click through to your certification, you can search based on media type, publisher, price and more. Find CompTIA official training products by selecting "CompTIA/gtslearning" as the publisher.

Check out the training products available to you in the CompTIA Store.

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