Creating Practical Pathways with DoDM 8140.03

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is making a huge impact on cybersecurity skills training as organizations align course offerings with Department of Defense Manual 8140.03 (DoDM 8140.03). Don't get left behind!

Creating practical pathways with DoDM 8140.03The U.S. Department of Defense Manual 8140.03 (DoDM 8140.03) has shifted gears. It was announced in February of 2023, and has myriad goals, as outlined in my earlier blog about how organizations are putting DoDM 8140.03 to work. Diversity, and the ability to support the ever-expanding needs of the U.S Department of Defense (DoD) and military are two goals.

It’s been exciting to see organizations worldwide placing DoDM 8140.03-approved courses into practical learning pathways. The key to these pathways is where organizations are empowered to create their own unique learning steps based on operational needs. The new way to view compliance is to focus on the requirements of the organization that needs to move forward with new technology or needs to be protected in a novel way.

What CompTIA courses have been approved (so far)?

As of today, eight CompTIA certifications have been approved for the DoDM 8140.03. To see which CompTIA certs align to certain job roles, along with their descriptions and proficiency levels, visit our interactive chart.

If you look at it from a DoDM 8140.03 perspective, the above training and certification offerings cover 31 different work roles. But those numbers are going to change soon. In the future, be on the lookout for courses that we will be offering to meet those demands.

Who is teaching DoDM 8140.03-approved courses right now?

It’s still early in the implementation stage, of course, but the answer is many. CompTIA Authorized Delivery Partners in the U.S. and globally have been helping organizations upskill their workers with the above courses. Schoolhouses on U.S. military bases around the world are creating pathways. Cryptological schools, signalling schools, and partner governments internationally are also creating pathways. Individuals are creating their learning pathways to keep their certifications current.

Keeping track of DoDM 8140.03

If you are running an upskilling program, there’s a resource that you can view to stay updated. Point your browser to the U.S. DoD Cyber Workforce Qualifications Matrices Management page, which is on the U.S. DoD Cyber Exchange site. This page lists all of the resources that are currently approved. If you scroll down on the page, you can download the latest information in spreadsheet form.

There are two documents that the DoDM 8140.03 will keep updated on a regular basis:

  • Information Technology (IT) Workforce Element and DCWF Training Repository Matrix: Focuses on job roles that are traditionally considered infrastructure and IT-oriented, rather than on specific cybersecurity job roles.
  • Cybersecurity (CS) Workforce Element and DCWF Training Repository Matrix: Focuses on roles that would traditionally be classified as cybersecurity.

I highly recommend that you bookmark this page. Keep it handy. The DoDM 8140.03 program will be adding more qualification matrices in the coming months. Possible matrices may likely include those about “cyber effects” (e.g., the intended and unintended results of cybersecurity activities), AI, data analytics, and others.

Also, check out the DoDM 8140.03 Qualification and Training Repository page. If you go there, you’ll find documents that outline the job roles in each work element. These documents are the authoritative references for all approved certification and training.

Something more

If you’re looking for an in-person update about how DoDM 8140.03 is being used, you can join us for our session, Navigating and Implementing DoD 8140: A Comprehensive Discussion, at TechNet Cyber in Baltimore or via live-stream on June 25th to learn more. During our session, you’ll hear from DoD educators and others about how they’re creating upskilling pathways. Plus, we’re also looking to advance our skills coverage. Some of these new offerings will be available later this year. One of the sessions will include representatives from CompTIA, SANS GIAC, and organizations that are actually using it.

Looking to get the latest information about DoDM 8140.03? Check out the above web pages, and then join us at AFCEA TechNet Cyber June 25-27 in Baltimore.

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