5 Ways to Add Value to Your Program in 2024

From webinars to instructor and learner resources, find out more about how you can benefit from the CompTIA Partner Program.

Five Ways to Add Value to Your Program in 2024At CompTIA we know that equipping learners with the skills they need to thrive in the tech workforce is no small task, that's why our Authorized Partner Program is here to help you make it a little easier. When you become a CompTIA Partner, you gain access to a myriad of benefits that can add value to your programs.

From webinars and events curated with sessions to help you maximize your partnership to exam objectives that map to the skills and competencies for tech job roles, the CompTIA partner program provides you with the tools you need to train and certify learners for successful, lucrative IT careers.

Here are five ways you can leverage your partnership with CompTIA to add value to your program in 2024.

1. Attending CompTIA-Hosted Webinars and Events

Like many other institutions, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your IT curriculum, provide top-notch education and unlock the potential of the next generation of tech professionals. By attending a CompTIA-hosted webinar or event, like CompTIA Partner Summit, you get the latest scoop. During these events, we provide details on new certifications and innovations that can add value to your current training offerings.

CompTIA partner webinar topics range from monthly meetups where you receive the most recent CompTIA news and updates, to information on certification launches where you receive a deeper understanding of new exams and experience live demos, to exploration sessions that help you learn how to better navigate your CompTIA benefits. We also incorporate CompTIA research so that you can expand, grow and improve your programs.

Attending CompTIA Partner Summit is another great way to maximize your partnership. This annual conference is customized for academic educators, commercial trainers, government agencies, corporate learning and development leaders and instructors. It features programming to inspire you to improve your training solutions and enhance the skill set of the IT workforce.

2. Leverage CompTIA Learning Resources and eLearning Courseware

With a comprehensive range of resources covering various topics in IT, the CompTIA learning solutions for instructor-led training provide you with the tools you need to design and deliver effective training programs.

Our courseware is updated regularly to ensure your learners are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and IT skills required in today’s rapidly evolving IT industry. By leveraging CompTIA learning resources and eLearning courseware, you can provide opportunities for learners to unlock their potential and be successful in technology careers, while filling the pipeline with skilled professionals that all organizations are looking for.

3. Leverage CompTIA Hands-On Labs

CompTIA hands-on labs provide a virtual environment where learners can gain experience that simulates the real world in areas like cybersecurity, networking and cloud computing. By offering learners access to CompTIA CertMaster Labs, you can provide them with practical learning experiences that complement their technical knowledge.

Hands-on experience not only increases the effectiveness of training, making it “sticky,” but also helps learners develop the confidence they need to perform tasks and apply their skills in scenarios they will run into in real-life tech jobs.

Leveraging CompTIA labs in your courses helps you differentiate your courses and boost learner engagement and retention. You also play a role in helping to solve the workforce shortage by filling the skills gap and building a knowledgeable tech workforce.

4. Take Advantage of Instructor Benefits and Resources

Instructors at our partner organizations can join the CompTIA Instructor Network (CIN), a worldwide community for instructors providing CompTIA certification training. The CIN community is made up of seven thousand instructors who collaborate, share best practices and receive valuable resources from CompTIA to enrich your classroom.

“The CIN community is a great a place for instructors of levels of experience to connect, ask questions and network," said Stephen Schneiter, director, instructor network, CompTIA. “Through the community, members get early insights as well as webinars and events before public announcements. The community is accessible via our web platform, or you can download our mobile app from Apple or Google Play stores and take CIN with you everywhere.”

Through CIN, instructors also have access to Train-the-Trainer (TTT) online courses that are offered for new and updated certifications. TTT are offered both live and on-demand and are targeted to help instructors prepare for success in the classroom.

CompTIA offers four types of webinars designed for the CIN community:

  1. Train the Trainer (TTT) is our most popular series offered for new and updated certifications. TTT are both live and on-demand and are targeted to help instructors prepare for success in the classroom.
  2. Instructor Toolbox webinars offer tips, trips and best practices for instructors looking for instructional ideas to enhance their teaching.  
  3. The Pulse webinars help you stay up to date with industry trends with insight from IT pros in the field.
  4. Sneak Peek webinars provide an early look at new or updated CompTIA exams.

Partners can also leverage the certification verification tool, this self-service tool is available at no extra cost and uses exam voucher numbers to track your learner’s testing results.

5. Leverage Learner Benefits and Resources

With so many options, it can often be difficult for learners to know what path they want to take. To help them visualize their options and envision what a real-world career in tech could look like, CompTIA offers an interactive IT Career Pathway Planner. This resource provides learners with details on how certifications can help develop a variety of career pathways and includes median salary data and employment forecasts for specific IT job roles.

Today’s IT careers offer an incredible array of opportunity and variety – and of course earning potential, as your learners explore career opportunities, they can utilize the CompTIA IT Salary Calculator, which includes salary data from 400 different metro areas, covering 85% of the U.S. population. This tool provides salary bands and earning potential for various tech job roles.

Students also benefit from the ability to test in-person or online for CompTIA certification exams. The Pearson OnVue platform affords learners the flexibility to take their CompTIA exams from anywhere, anytime, while maintaining a secure testing environment.

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