4 Budget Tips to Elevate Your Schools IT Curriculum

Find four tips to budget for an IT education program or to boost your current one, while maximizing your investment. This will ensure your institution stays relevant and becomes a vital place to study for many years.
4 Budget Tips to Elevate Your Schools IT Curriculum

With the explosive growth of the tech industry comes a wealth of desirable career opportunities. There is a huge demand for people who are trained and certified to claim roles that are fulfilling and financially rewarding with tons of room for career growth and progression. The world of tech is only expected to continue booming and there are no signs of slowing down.

In order to excel in the tech field and reach their potential, students just need a place to get started. This is a great opportunity for you to ensure your institution stays relevant and becomes a vital place to study for many years.

Below, you will find four tips to allocate your budget to build an IT education program or to boost your current one. This will empower your students with the training and certification they need to thrive in this exciting industry. We will also show you how to maximize your investment while you’re at it.

1. Get your students access to virtual labs

Virtual labs give students the experience of real IT environments without all the fancy equipment. All you need is an Internet browser. The labs prepare students for the performance-based sections of certification exams, while providing them with the experience they need to effectively do what’s expected of them in today’s IT roles. Also, you won’t need to spend tens of thousands on the latest equipment, plus the added cost of having to keep your equipment up-to-date. Everything can be accessed online.

When you add a CompTIA training solution your students will be able to explore and learn in our state-of-the-art virtual labs for free.

2. Keep students on track for success

You will want to ensure the work and progress of your students meets industry expectations. We make it easy to monitor the progress of your students with quizzes, tests, assessments and self-graded feedback sections, which can be reviewed by the instructor in the reporting section. When it is time for your students to take their certifications and get their start in tech, you know they will be ready. And so will they.

3. Get your students certified and ready

In the tech world, certifications have been proven to help secure and progress careers. In fact, most IT professionals continue obtaining certifications throughout their careers to keep up with the pace of tech and level up to better roles. Certifications enable students to prove their knowledge and show potential employers they can perform the requirements of today’s tech roles.

CompTIA has a wide variety of industry-recognized certifications that test a full range of knowledge standards. In the next point, we’ll show you how you can receive discounts on these certifications.

4. Partner up with CompTIA to keep costs down

CompTIA’s Academic Partner Program is free to join. There are discounts on exam vouchers and CompTIA learning resources. And you will get valuable tools and resources to help recruit, teach, certify and upgrade the skills of your students in IT.

We will give you instructional resources like CompTIA-approved learning materials, CompTIA-hosted webinars and classroom resources like case studies, videos, and more. Plus, you will also get access to the IT community, which includes events, conferences and the CompTIA Instructor Network Community.

You can learn all about our Academic Partner Program by following this link.

Tech is the future

With all the uncertainty in today’s job markets, tech is one of the most rock-solid choices for those still determining their career direction. Tech careers are not only in high demand now, but they are expected to continue growing and outpacing the majority of industries well into the future. By adding a tech program to your school, you will empower your students while ensuring your institution not only stays relevant, but also becomes a desirable place to study for years to come.

All industries rely on tech

Tech is what is known as a horizontal category because it exists across multiple industries. Most major businesses either have their own in-house tech team or they outsource one. This means the options for those with tech training and certifications are endless. Those who are trained and certified in tech have the chance to work in all kinds of different industries with the best companies in the world.

Help address the tech talent shortage

According to many studies, including this one by MIT, there is a major shortage of tech talent for companies and industries across the globe. This means your school can play a part in helping to fill these in-demand roles by making tech more accessible for those who aspire to learn. You will also ensure that those who attend your school are more likely to be met by the industry with open arms, great pay, and lots of benefits.

We would love to work with you to implement a world-class tech program, recognized by employers across the globe. Follow the link below to learn more about our academic partnership. 

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