Imports Work for Technology Companies

As the global leader in the IT Industry, CompTIA is urging its member companies to write to Congress regarding the importance of imports and global supply chains to the U.S. technology sector.

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The United States imports $375.4 billion in technology products and nearly $75 billion in technology services a year. Trade policy that eliminate import and export tariffs on technology goods and intermediate goods in global supply chains are a priority for U.S. technology companies and consumers. The Information Technology Agreement (ITA) expansion that went into force on July 1, 2016, was applauded by industry and consumers, as it lowers costs to both companies and purchasers. Trade policies that further spur innovation and growth in the IT sector are of importance to CompTIA and its members.

Trade Policy Impact Calculator

The free Trade Policy Impact Calculator allows you to take your company's import data and with the push of a button, get a fact-based data sheet that shows the impact of proposed trade policies to your company. The findings are based on President Donald Trump’s January 26, 2017 statement of a 20% tariff on imports from Mexico, as well as proposed trade policy statements during the campaign including a 45% tariff on imports from China and a 5% tariff on all imports. You company’s trade compliance officials that operate your company’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) can simply take the ACE information and insert it into the calculator which then analyzes data based on your imports in 2016. By running your ACE data through the calculator, you can give your senior management a fact-based view of what new tariffs your company may have to consider when setting your company strategy and estimating your potential profit or loss in the future. The ACE data is free, the tool is free, it's all calculated by you on your local computer. The insights could be invaluable to your company. As part of CompTIA’s advocacy efforts, we encourage you sharing these key business insights with your management team and to write to your Members of Congress regarding the impact that the proposed import tariff will have on your company.