CompTIA Takes Global Trade Compliance Best Practices Conference Virtual

Sep 30, 2020, 14:00 PM by Juhi Tariq

CompTIA held its 14th Annual Global Trade Compliance Best Practices Conference on Sept. 15 and Sept. 17. For two days, more than 100 conference attendees were able to virtually tune in to listen to more than 30 panelists covering eight topics ranging from Section 301 tariffs to cloud export controls to the upcoming election and impact on trade policy.

As the conference progressed, attendees were able to ask the panelists specific questions concerning best practices and compliance considerations.

Unlike other conferences, member companies had a direct role in hand-picking topics that are of most importance to the industry at large, ensuring that discussions were tailored to address current issues and provide practical solutions.

For example, during a panel on Executive Persuasion, panelists emphasized the importance of “never letting a crisis go to waste” or, in other words, using government investigations or actions to bolster internal compliance and persuade executive teams to invest more in global trade programs.

For those who may be newer to international trade, panelists also provided excellent educational overviews and primers on various topics. In the case of cloud export controls, panelists discussed the regulatory “skyscape” explaining the different types of cloud storage and how regulations differ country to country.

The two-day conference ended with an informal networking session.

Due to the structure of the conference - being industry led and members only - attendees and panelists alike were able to have open discussions about compliance challenges. Members were able to reflect on key takeaways from the conference and commiserate about the difficulties posed by the pandemic, both personally and professionally, providing a much-needed break and dialogue during this challenging time.