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  • Learn About the CompTIA UK Channel Community’s Busy 2016

    by Jim Hamilton  | November 08, 2016
    From roadshows to the security initiative, 2016 has been a busy year. Read a roundup of the highlights of the UK Channel community.
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  • CompTIA Community and Council Leaders Focus their Efforts on 2017 and Beyond at Planning Meeting

    by Annette Taber  | November 08, 2016
    CompTIA is a true, member lead organization. Those tech industry professionals play a major role in driving initiatives and strategy, ensuring that the association focuses its resources on the right things at the right time. That’s how a trade association works. From the board of directors to peer community and advisory council chair positions, CompTIA members are leading the way. That was readily apparent at the recent meeting in Kansas City, MO where a large contingent of these industry professionals gathered to shape their groups' plans for 2017.
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  • Learn How Smartly-Deployed Tech Strategy and Solutions Kept GreatAmerica Running Through a Flood

    by Matthew Stern  | November 04, 2016
    Towards the end of September, Cedar Rapids, Iowa experienced a flood that displaced GreatAmerica Financial Services from its office and put its business continuity plan to the test. Their story offers solution providers an instructive inside look into the mechanics of disaster recovery planning.
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  • ChannelTrends: Cloud is the New Electricity

    by Brian Sherman  | November 02, 2016
    Businesses are becoming highly dependent on the cloud today. So much so that many of the activities they’re involved with come to a grinding halt when it’s not available. For IT services providers that's both a blessing and a curse, depending on their capabilities and bandwidth. What are the real opportunities and concerns?
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  • The Channel and Cloud Computing: Take Two

    by Carolyn April  | November 02, 2016
    Is it time for a cloud reality check in the channel? Have you considered if this technology model is having a positive or negative impact on your business? According to the CompTIA 6th Annual State of the Channel study, there are no black or white answers. In fact, the latest research actually exposes more confusion than conclusion.
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  • Five Ways to Ward off the Horrors of Cybersecurity

    by Kris Nagamootoo  | October 31, 2016
    What ghastly horrors are lurking behind firewalls and in dark corners behind flickering monitors this Halloween? Read on to face the frighteningly dark realms of cybersecurity and get five steps you can take to protect yourself today – as well as a particularly useful tool for you and your company.
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  • Six Ways You Can Drive Diversity in Technology

    by Yvette Steele  | October 26, 2016
    Many tech organizations struggle to drive diversity in their workforce; despite knowing the well-touted benefits of doing so. Here are six actions to take to become the change that you want to see.
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  • ChannelTrends: Scary Considerations for Building a Security Practice

    by Brian Sherman  | October 26, 2016
    With Halloween almost here, what could be scarier than building a cybersecurity practice? Those who go down that road should certainly approach it with eyes wide open. Risk will undoubtedly increase. That’s what happens when you take on such a crucial responsibility for clients; they expect nothing bad will happen to their data or their networks. Those expectations should drive higher margins ̶ but they have to be able to deliver to reap the rewards.
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  • Fall Canadian Community Meeting: “The Times They Are a Changin’”

    by Jim Hamilton  | October 25, 2016
    With news of Bob Dylan’s newly minted Nobel in the news, the CompTIA Canadian community met this month in Toronto to wrestle with growing a business in rapidly changing times – a level of change that was unfathomable even during the turbulent 6’0s when Dylan penned that famous song.
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  • Looking Back at a Productive and Inspiring 2016

    by CompTIA  | October 21, 2016
    Fall harvest is the time when you reap what you sow. Farmers have spent all year tending to their crops and now’s the time when they are ripe and ready to be gathered. It’s a time to be grateful for what we have. Here at CompTIA, we are thankful to have an amazing, bright and engaged membership that works with us on a daily basis to nurture our initiatives and plant the seeds of the future.
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  • Women in Technology Summit Hits Chicago and Takes on Gender Gap

    by Donia Moustafa | Jun 14, 2018
    WiTS seeks to support the community of women currently working in technology and help pave the way for women, especially young women, to enter the industry. There was something for everyone here; with presentations on tech topics such as artificial intelligence, smart cities, wearable tech or implanted technological devices in medicine.
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