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  • Eight Ways to Do Professional Development Now

    by Debra B. McCraw  | November 30, 2018
    We all know that professional development is an important key to career success, but between deadlines and meetings at work, not to mention personal commitments, it can be hard to find time for learning. Here are eight ways you can make learning fit your lifestyle.
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  • Why Nashville and Atlanta Are Tech Hot Spots

    by Matthew Stern  | November 29, 2018
    CompTIA’s 2018 Cyberstates report on the tech job market shows that the U.S. tech workforce thrives well beyond those cities best known for tech. We spoke with two IT professionals who gave us the inside scoop on the lively, unique tech scenes of two Southern U.S. cities.
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  • What an Opportunity in Technology Looks Like Today

    by Natalie Hope McDonald  | November 26, 2018
    As more companies rely on customized technology solutions to navigate a constantly evolving business landscape, both providers and clients have had to rethink how they work together – starting with communication. Here, we see how three companies are finding the most effective ways of implementing new technology in radically different industries.
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  • The Next Tech Mecca: North Carolina

    by Daniel Margolis  | November 20, 2018
    When people think of tech hubs, certain names likely come to mind. Silicon Valley. Seattle. Austin. But a certain state is coming to dominate the conversation around tech – North Carolina. Read on to find out why.
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  • These Dynamic Times: Women Shake up the IT Workforce

    by Michelle Lange  | November 16, 2018
    Listen in as two engaged CompTIA members talk about how to get girls interested in tech and how to keep women engaged in the tech workforce.
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  • How Millennials Are Reshaping the Workforce

    by Matthew Stern  | November 14, 2018
    The millennial generation is one like no generation before it – right? Well, yes and no. Read on to understand how they’re different, how they’re similar and all they offer if you manage them right.
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  • What is Blockchain’s Best Use?

    by Matthew Stern  | November 13, 2018
    There’s a lot we need to know and understand about blockchain to see where and how this powerful enabling technology can be practically, effectively and profitably applied.
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  • How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing the Way We Manage Software

    by Matthew Stern  | November 07, 2018
    Enterprises, employees and even solution providers are winning with cloud-deployed software solutions as the cloud-based model for IT matures. Understanding how can help you find your place in the cloud IT ecosystem.
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  • How Do You Identify New Tech Customers?

    by Chris Phillips  | November 06, 2018
    CompTIA’s four industry advisory councils came together last month focused on finding the new technology buyers.
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  • Who Owns Digital Security in Your Company?

    by Matthew Stern  | October 31, 2018
    Who is responsible for digital security in today’s cloud-enabled workplace? Once upon a time, IT was the clear answer. Now the answer is a little more complicated – the role of IT in digital security is a matter of both leadership and partnership.
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