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  • Connecting Parents, Teachers and Businesses Focus of Future Leaders Meeting at CompTIA ChannelCon

    by Daniel Margolis  | July 31, 2017
    CompTIA’s Future Leaders Community Meeting at ChannelCon, being held at the JW Marriott Austin, Texas, July 31 to August 2, identified resources to bring together parents, teachers and tech businesses, and honored the 2017 class of ChannelChangers.
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  • ChannelTrends: Are Your Clients Next on the Ransomware Hit List?

    by Brian Sherman  | July 31, 2017
    Whether they know it or not, most businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals. Those who peddle ransomware and breach network systems rarely discriminate based on the size of an organization or the industry it services. What are the risk factors and why should they, and their IT service providers worry?
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  • ChannelTrends: Make Social Media Your New IT Sales Funnel

    by Brian Sherman  | July 25, 2017
    Many IT services firms continue to overlook the potential for growing sales through social media. The good news is it's not to late to get involved and start driving new business. How do the experts do it? Read on...
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  • Six Can’t-Miss Tech Attractions in Austin

    by Matthew Stern  | July 20, 2017
    Austin is a city like no other, and it’s got a tech scene to match. If you’re heading down to Austin for ChannelCon or just to hang out, don’t miss these favorite spots for those passionate about gaming, gear and all things technology.
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  • How to Make the Most out of Your CompTIA ChannelCon Experience

    by CompTIA  | July 18, 2017
    CompTIA has created a walkthrough video filled with tips on how to get the most out of your ChannelCon experience. This video explains how to prepare for and enjoy the event, as well as how to incorporate what you learned into your daily work.
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  • ChannelTrends: Shifting from a Tech Business to Business Tech

    by Brian Sherman  | July 14, 2017
    Most IT professionals have come to realize that their business is no longer about themselves and the services they offer. It has more to do with the solutions they deliver and the specific needs they address for their business clients.
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  • CompTIA ChannelChangers: Meet the New Class

    by Daniel Margolis  | July 12, 2017
    The 2017 class of ChannelChangers is being recognized at ChannelCon 2017 in Austin, Texas, and you can get to know our three award-winners – Heather Ptak, community manager at ConnectWise; Melissa Lyons, global channel programs manager at Sophos; and Brandon Garcin, senior content strategist at Continuum Managed Services – in depth here!
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  • Marketing CoPilot Founder Helps Evolve IT Industry, Advances Women in STEM

    by Natalie Hope McDonald  | July 07, 2017
    As the founder of Marketing CoPilot, a digital marketing agency in Toronto, Marie Wiese, newly elected to the Canadian IT Business Community Executive Council, has helped hundreds of companies rethink their online presence.
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  • Be the Change with CompTIA’s Communities at ChannelCon

    by Jim Hamilton  | July 06, 2017
    On Monday, July 31, seven of CompTIA’s communities are meeting throughout the day to advance their initiatives and activities. In these working sessions, community members have an opportunity to get hands on and impact our industry for good.
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  • Ten Years of the iPhone: Reflections on Mobility, Engagement and the Channel

    by Brian Sherman  | June 28, 2017
    On June 29th, 2007, the world changed with the introduction of the iPhone. What Apple managed to do a decade ago was change the perception and conversation around mobile computing. They created a massive following by focusing more heavily on the user experience than other manufacturers had to that point; making talk, music and the Web a more intuitive experience.
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