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  • ChannelTrends: The 1980s Want their IT Business Model Back

    by Brian Sherman  | March 02, 2017
    A fair number of IT services providers have not altered their offerings and business models to reflect today’s business needs. Even those who have rarely go far enough to ensure their long-term relevance to their customers and future prospects. What should they be doing to ensure their clients’ needs and visions can be fully realized?
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  • Do IT Better at CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting

    by Emily Matzelle  | February 28, 2017
    CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting is your chance to get involved. With a variety of open, casual meetings on the agenda packed full of industry experts, you don’t want to miss this event.
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  • ChannelTrends: Five Tips for Finding and Keeping New Talent

    by Brian Sherman  | February 23, 2017
    The IT talent shortage is hitting some providers hard. That’s why a proactive HR strategy is essential, and should start way before the next hire is needed. What can IT services companies do to improve their odds of attracting the right talent at the right price?
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  • Are You Ready for the Worst Possible Cybersecurity Attack?

    by Seth Robinson  | February 22, 2017
    Even though megabreaches have raised the level of security awareness, the reality is that we may not have seen the worst of cyberattacks yet and may need an even more dramatic event for companies to revolutionize their security policies.
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  • ChannelTrends: Time to Put on Your Cloud Management Hat

    by Brian Sherman  | February 16, 2017
    IT services providers often work with cloud suppliers to customize their clients' implementations, sort through programs and resolve issues. That support role is invaluable to small and mid-sized businesses as channel firms are perfectly positioned to act as the liaisons between their customers, end users and their vendors. So why not leverage that expertise to strengthen customer relationships?
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  • Reality Show Survivor’s Generational Divide Could Be Happening In Your Office

    by Emily Matzelle  | February 15, 2017
    A recent season of the competitive reality show Survivor pitted millennials against Gen X in a battle to break stereotypes that may be similarly playing out in your own office every day.
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  • ChannelTrends: Getting More ROI Out of Industry Events

    by Brian Sherman  | February 08, 2017
    Attendance at conferences and other events, like any work activity outside the office, should be considered an investment. Time is money and, whether you’re the company owner or an employee, going to an industry event or professional training session should result in some type of benefit to your business. While it’s not easy (or even possible, in some cases) to accurately calculate an ROI, a simple check list of objectives for each trip can help travelers qualify the level of their success.
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  • Channel Chatter from Vendors in the Know

    by Carolyn April  | February 07, 2017
    CompTIA's Senior Director of Industry Research, Carolyn April, caught up with several prominent industry executives to discuss some of the challenges and the opportunities ahead. What predictions did they make? Can channel professionals expect a rosy future?
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  • Get a Deeper Look at 18F at this Month’s HSITAG Meeting

    by Jennifer Saha  | February 03, 2017
    When the federal government opens up a new line of business related to technology, the industry takes notice. This happened over the past few years with the evolution of the Technology Transformation Service (TTS) and its predecessors like the office of citizen services and innovative technology, the presidential innovation fellows and 18F.
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  • ChannelTrends: Innovative Ways to Fund Your IT Services Expansion Plans

    by Brian Sherman  | February 03, 2017
    There are several alternate options available to those looking for ways to fund large projects and IT services expansion plans. From alternate “money” channels that didn’t exist a decade ago, to ideas that boost cash flow, there are new ways for channel firms to better leverage traditional bank lending systems (or eliminate the need for them all together).
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