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  • Five Ways to Ward off the Horrors of Cybersecurity

    by Kris Nagamootoo  | October 31, 2016
    What ghastly horrors are lurking behind firewalls and in dark corners behind flickering monitors this Halloween? Read on to face the frighteningly dark realms of cybersecurity and get five steps you can take to protect yourself today – as well as a particularly useful tool for you and your company.
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  • Six Ways You Can Drive Diversity in Technology

    by Yvette Steele  | October 26, 2016
    Many tech organizations struggle to drive diversity in their workforce; despite knowing the well-touted benefits of doing so. Here are six actions to take to become the change that you want to see.
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  • ChannelTrends: Scary Considerations for Building a Security Practice

    by Brian Sherman  | October 26, 2016
    With Halloween almost here, what could be scarier than building a cybersecurity practice? Those who go down that road should certainly approach it with eyes wide open. Risk will undoubtedly increase. That’s what happens when you take on such a crucial responsibility for clients; they expect nothing bad will happen to their data or their networks. Those expectations should drive higher margins ̶ but they have to be able to deliver to reap the rewards.
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  • Fall Canadian Community Meeting: “The Times They Are a Changin’”

    by Jim Hamilton  | October 25, 2016
    With news of Bob Dylan’s newly minted Nobel in the news, the CompTIA Canadian community met this month in Toronto to wrestle with growing a business in rapidly changing times – a level of change that was unfathomable even during the turbulent 6’0s when Dylan penned that famous song.
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  • Looking Back at a Productive and Inspiring 2016

    by CompTIA  | October 21, 2016
    Fall harvest is the time when you reap what you sow. Farmers have spent all year tending to their crops and now’s the time when they are ripe and ready to be gathered. It’s a time to be grateful for what we have. Here at CompTIA, we are thankful to have an amazing, bright and engaged membership that works with us on a daily basis to nurture our initiatives and plant the seeds of the future.
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  • ChannelTrends: Expand Peripheral Solutions, Increase Wallet Share and Profits

    by Brian Sherman  | October 20, 2016
    Savvy solution providers use their peripheral vision. In this case, the term doesn't refer to monitors, but to all the technologies outside the core infrastructure (servers, computing devices and network components). These solutions may be beneficial to a customer’s operations or allow them to meet other business objectives, and the list of potential peripheral offerings can be quite extensive. They also add revenue to your bottom line without having to on-board new clients.
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  • Training Providers Discuss How Apprenticeships Benefit Vendors and Employers at EMEACon

    by Simon Dobson  | October 19, 2016
    Here we join the roundtable discussions taking place at this year’s EMEA Member and Partner Conference, and look at how new standards in apprenticeships increase value for employer, employees and vendors.
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  • What it Means to Be CompTIA Member of the Year

    by John Tippett  | October 18, 2016
    CompTIA 2016 Member of the Year John Tippett reflects on what an honor the award been for him both personally and professionally.
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  • Comptia’s UK Executive Council Trumpets Successes at This Year’s EMEACon

    by Leanne Johnson  | October 18, 2016
    CompTIA is driven by its communities, and at this year’s EMEA Member and Partner Conference, members of the UK Executive Council provided an update on the great work and initiatives being driven by the community members and partners.
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  • Is There a Place for Solution Providers in the Parallel Channel?

    by Brian Sherman  | October 17, 2016
    Solution providers tend to dabble in the SaaS space, but few have active engagements with one or more vendors on “the other side” of the tech fence. To be fair, few of the developers in this parallel channel seem to understand (or acknowledge) the value solution providers bring to the tech delivery equation. Some feel this lack of cooperation and collaboration is detrimental to both groups. But what can we do to change it?
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  • Inaugural SLED Summit in Chicago Huge Success!

    by Jennifer Saha | Dec 11, 2017
    Illinois has made some great progress in procurement reform over the past year and CompTIA’s State and Local Government and Education (SLED) Council membership gathered in Chicago last week to discuss the current business landscape as well as focus on some new innovative technologies being used in the state.
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