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  • Breaking the Tech Stereotype: Michelle Ragusa-McBain Leads the Charge

    by Brian Sherman  | September 21, 2017
    Girls and women face many hurdles building tech careers. But if Michelle Ragusa-McBain has her way, those obstacles will fall quickly. The community leader and channel professional definitely knows how to build a execute a plan; integrating her work, MBA studies, and a lot of family time into an extremely busy schedule. How does she do it? Read on...
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  • ChannelTrends: Five Vertical Markets Tech Firms Should Be Targeting

    by Brian Sherman  | September 20, 2017
    Where should a newly expanding tech company focus? The easy answer is to look for businesses that rely on technology, value their time, and have large enough budgets to make a relationship worthwhile for the provider. But that's not always possible. A combination of financial, geographic and time factors come into play.
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  • Before ChannelCon Online, Get Top Three Takeaways from CompTIA ChannelCon 2017

    by Nate Teplow  | September 18, 2017
    CompTIA ChannelCon wrapped in Austin, Texas, last month, and this week the association is presenting recorded sessions from the event as ChannelCon Online, scheduled September 19, 20. Here, CompTIA Future Leaders Community Chair Nate Teplow shares his top three takeaways from the event – the importance of cybersecurity, culture and diversity.
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  • ITSS is Now the Technology Lifecycle Services Community: New Name, Expanded Mission

    by Aaron Acker  | September 18, 2017
    Change is rarely easy but often necessary, as members of the CompTIA IT Services and Support (ITSS) Community found out. The group expanded into managed services, cloud, security and managed print over the past few years, while its members scrambled to address more diverse and extensive needs. That helps explain why they recently changed their name to the Technology Lifecycle Services Community.
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  • ChannelTrends: Would Your MSP Business Survive a Disaster?

    by Brian Sherman  | September 13, 2017
    The problem few seem to address is the preparedness level of technology firms. From cloud and hardware suppliers to the MSPs that manage hundreds of business systems in a region, will they really be able to help others when a disaster occurs if their own operations are dead in the water (literally and figuratively)? As Irma and Harvey illustrated, the risks can be high.
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  • Get Up to Speed on GDPR Compliance at the EMEA Member and Partner Conference

    by Estelle Johannes  | September 12, 2017
    CompTIA’s 2017 EMEA Member and Partner Conference, scheduled 17 and 18 October 2017, features a session that will help you get a great start on the journey to General Data Protection Regulation compliancy. With the May 25 deadline fast approaching, the clock is ticking and there’s not much time to get up to speed here. Don’t miss it!
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  • Three Key Things the Channel Needs to Know about New IT Buyers

    by Carolyn April  | September 07, 2017
    Who’s buying what you’re selling today? The IT department? The CIO? The small business owner? Find out here.
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  • ChannelTrends: How Much Is a Quality Integration Worth to Your IT Business?

    by Brian Sherman  | September 07, 2017
    Few MSPs leverage the full computing power of their own business tools, including the powerful integrations their vendors develop to simplify their operations and their lives. Is time a factor, or is it the failure to understand what value these systems provide IT business owners and their customers?
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  • Gus Yusem, Pioneer of Managed Print, Remembered

    by Daniel Margolis  | September 06, 2017
    Xerox’s Gus Yusem, an active, impactful CompTIA community member, passed away late last month surrounded by his family. He’s remembered well, especially for serving as an early champion of print’s role in IT.
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  • Inside the World of Corporate Recruiting

    by Natalie Hope McDonald  | September 05, 2017
    Recruiting in IT is fast becoming a lucrative industry via tons of demand for new talent. Top professionals share their secrets.
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  • Winter Is Coming If You’re Not Ready For A Data Breach

    by Matthew Stern | Oct 18, 2018
    In Game of Thrones, Eddard “Ned” Stark warns that the winter is coming; demanding constant vigilance. Businesses may think they’re doing just that regarding their cybersecurity, but a recent CompTIA study shows they might not be as safe as they believe they are.
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