CompTIA Introduces Cyberseek to States

CompTIA recently released Cyberseek, an interactive heat map that provides data on the supply and demand of cybersecurity employment throughout the nation. This tool allows policy makers to see the true impact of the educational pipeline and how the talent gap impacts their state (or metro area) today.

As it stands, Ohio currently has just over 10,000 job openings in the cybersecurity workforce while Minnesota has almost 7,300 open positions. With openings like these, it is crucial for states to empower their workforces with learning opportunities. From providing K-12 students with classwork in the STEM field to cultivating IT career placement programs for those already in the workforce, it is imperative that states work to help fill these rolls. The cybersecurity workforce will only continue to grow and having the talent to fill these already existing gaps will encourage economic development throughout the nation. 

Make your way over to the Cyberseek heat map and see what job titles are open within the cybersecurity workforce in your state. CompTIA is happy to help with guidance on any workforce policy issues and can be a trove of information on how to best prepare constituents with a job in IT.

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