Career Development

  • Six Career Tips for Future Leaders

    by Kirk Robinson  | October 22, 2015
    Move around or don’t—ultimately, a successful career comes from focus and flexibility.
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  • Data Center Training: Vital for Today’s Networks

    by Amy Morrison  | August 31, 2015
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  • 10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20 Year-Old Self

    by Samantha Ciaccia  | August 04, 2015
    Hindsight is 20/20. What advice would you go back and give your younger self? CompTIA’s 2015 ChannelChanger, Samantha Ciaccia knocks it out of the park.
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  • Transferring ‘Soft’ Professional Skills – Such as Empathy and Listening – to the Technical World of IT Services

    by Karen Stinneford  | July 27, 2015
    When Managed IT Services provider Virteva seeks to hire entry-level personnel, recruiters carefully consider each job candidate’s technical skills. But they also look closely at personality. It is precisely because Virteva needs employees with such “soft” work skills that it has chosen to partner with IT-Ready in Minneapolis.
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  • More Than Role Models: Mentors Positively Impact Professional Careers, Businesses and the IT Industry

    by Brian Sherman  | June 08, 2015
    Everyone benefits from having someone to look up to. With the continuing skills shortage and drive to increase diversity in the IT industry, the support of a mentor is invaluable.
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  • A Mentorship Experience Worth Sharing

    by Brittani Von Roden  | May 29, 2015
    The value of a mentorship isn’t one-directional but instead a mutual-benefit in growing together as business professionals.
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  • College Finds Success Teaching IT to High School Students

    by Janet Pinkerton  | June 20, 2012
    Indianapolis Public Schools students Christopher Williams, Nigel Leitzell, China Harris, Andrea Williams, and Scott Patrick earned their CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals certifications after an enrichment class in conjunction with Harrison College.Harrison College's offer to teach a CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals technology class to a group of Indianapolis public high school students was a handshake deal that became a success. Thanks in no small part to the students' aptitude and hunger for IT, th ...
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  • Study Hard, Be Realistic in Pursuing IT Career, Advises Vet

    by Janet Pinkerton  | May 29, 2012
    IT certifications can help a veteran land a job, but veterans need to understand how much work earning the credentials will require and the salary the resulting IT job will command, says Army veteran Ryan McCauley. Since October 2011, McCauley has used funding from the Post 9/11 GI Bill to earn CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and other industry certifications at New Horizons Learning Center in Durham, N.C., while working a full-time job. It's been hard, attending 12 hours of class at New Horizo ...
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  • Navy Vet Uses IT Certifications to Land Her Ideal Job

    by Janet Pinkerton  | May 24, 2012
    When her post-retirement career didn't work out as planned, Navy veteran Mellisa Stroman trained with New Horizons of Southern California to earn IT certifications and get the IT instructor job she really wanted. Stroman worked in IT nearly her entire Navy career while raising two children with her husband, also a Navy sailor. "I just always wanted to go into the computer field," she says. From 1985 through 2005, Stroman's Navy rotations included maintaining an IBM mainframe system in New Or ...
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  • Chicago Tech Academy Chooses Freshmen Class

    by Leslie Hague  | February 28, 2012
    Chicago Tech Academy student Austin Lambert speaks at a reception before the Chicago Tech Academy Class of 2016 lottery on Thursday.Last year, Austin Lambert's goal of a career creating video games seemed far away. He was bullied at school and had low self-confidence.What a difference a year makes. After applying for and gaining a spot at Chicago Tech Academy, he's spent his freshman year learning all about technology. He's a member of a school club where he learns about video and graphics desig ...
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  • Nate Teplow Shares His Insight on Future Leaders, Life and Tech Experiences

    by Brian Sherman | Oct 24, 2017
    While his friends had dreams of climbing the corporate ladder in finance or working with a big four accounting firm, Nate Teplow sought the excitement of a tech career. The chair of CompTIA's Future Leader's Community shared his thoughts on cross-generation collaboration and improving the new work environment in this this month's member spotlight article.
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