Georgette Fraser-Moore

Georgette Fraser-Moore

President and CEO,
Transformation Lead, LLC

Dr. Georgette Fraser-Moore is the Founder and CEO of Transformation Lead, a global technology consulting firm that helps businesses leverage innovation, research, and technology to disrupt basic business standards, think outside of the box, and color outside of the lines to transform and implement extraordinary innovation. Dr. Georgette is a passionate, motivational, and thought-provoking visionary that holds expertise in leadership, transformation, business, and technology. She thrives on the kind of change that rewrites the rules and takes a common-sense approach to solutions.

With over 20 years of business leadership and technology experience, including work across industries in Fortune 500 enterprise companies, international consulting, financial services, non-profit, and start-up companies, Dr. Georgette brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse background into the room.

She holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California in Organizational Change and Leadership, a Masters of Business Administration Degree with a Concentration in Information Systems Management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and Database Administration.

Dr. Georgette is an active member in her global community and serves on the Board of Directors and in an advisory capacity for several nonprofit, civic, University and educational organizations including her recent position on CompTIA’s Association of IT Professionals (AITP) Advisory Council.

In addition to her professional work, Dr. Georgette is an international award-winning speaker, researcher, equity advocate, mentor, missionary, and philanthropist. She has dedicated her life to aid in the development of the next generation and provide opportunities to underrepresented groups across the world. She is an advocate for STEM and youth enrichment and has a focused mission to aid in the advancement of local businesses, the communities, and the youth within those communities.

A native of the island of Jamaica, Georgette is a wife and proud mother of three sons, Davon, Jonathan and Jordan. If Georgette isn’t working on her next transformational project, you can find her on the Golf Course, or bumming it on the beach.