The information technology channel will remember 2014 as a milestone year in the evolution of cloud computing: as the time when the new, “as-a-service,” self-provisioning, à la carte business model of cloud services reached a state of developmental maturity. Suddenly, IT channel businesses had no time to wait for the market to shake out, or for competitors in the space to settle into familiar delivery patterns. The cloud became a permanent fact of IT business.

CompTIA’s November 2014 report, 5th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing, chronicles the state of the IT channel just five years after the arrival of cloud technologies on the scene. It presents the results of two surveys — one of 400 IT professionals, the other of 400 providers in the IT channel. Here’s some of what this report uncovered:

See why 2014 was such a pinnacle year for cloud in the IT channel, in this comprehensive report from CompTIA.

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