4th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing

By the middle of 2013, nearly half of the information technology firms we polled were comfortable with utilizing cloud-based services in their business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The evidence explaining this quick transition to confidence points to a rapid maturity path for cloud-based services, as explained in CompTIA’s August 2013 report on Trends in Cloud Computing.

Here’s some of what this report reveals:

  • Ready to roll. About half of IT solution providers reported the current state of all of their cloud business services as “mature,” with an additional two in five saying some of their cloud services had reached maturity.
  • Builders go first. Among those firms polled that said they focus on IT architecture for their customers, some 71% said they had already adopted a “build first” business model for cloud-based architectures.
  • No chance of retreat. Only 17% of firms polled said they expected their revenue from cloud services to remain flat or shrink over the next 12 months.
  • Rethink, and quickly. Of those firms that said they’ve already made big changes on account of cloud services adoption, more than half said those changes involved devising new policies and business procedures for their organizations.
  • Private cloud takes effort. More than half of firms polled said they are retraining their staffs in the wake of their on-premises transition to private cloud platforms.

Cloud computing looked not only viable, but like a pillar of the IT services market, heading into 2014. Download this report now and find out why.

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