Should cybersecurity become a separate department of an organization from information technology, especially as the business grows and job functions become more specialized? Or does such a separation present the risk of imposing an artificial barrier between related job functions, just as organizations finally accustom themselves to the idea of abolishing departmental silos?

CompTIA’s March 2015 research report, Trends in IT Security, is a snapshot of how business executives and IT professionals first began responding to this dilemma, based on results from three surveys taken between October 2014 and January 2015. The “C.I.A.” model of security (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) was shifting dramatically as a result of the rise of cloud platforms. As a result, our surveys turned up results like these:

  • Only about a quarter of all firms polled — small businesses, mid-range, and enterprises — rated themselves “completely satisfactory” with the state of their current cybersecurity.
  • About one-third of firms polled moved some portion of their IT assets from one public cloud platform to another, prompted by reasons or concerns over security.
  • Fewer firms polled were comfortable that they had achieved an appropriate balance between risk and security, than when the same question was posed to them two years earlier.
  • Half of firms polled believed they were aware of the regulatory concerns surrounding new frameworks, and more than half ranked the effort involved in complying with those frameworks as “high.”

Download this research report now and discover how businesses and IT channel firms are rethinking their approaches to cybersecurity.

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