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Welcome to our Drone Advisory Council!

Taking Technology to New Heights!

The drones market is expected to reach $100 billion in annual sales by 2020, according to Goldman Sachs Research, representing a major opportunity for technology companies and professionals who support these technologies. Vertical applications behind much of this growth, include Government, Construction, Agriculture, Real Estate, Insurance and Emergency management to name a few.

The CompTIA Drone Advisory Council (DRAC) will represent and work with all facets of the drone ecosystem and explore new routes to market for this thriving industry. Its members are executives from hardware manufacturers, video and component manufacturers, mapping software, platform providers, insurance companies, experts in FAA regulations and policies, drone pilots and instructors, lawyers, and flight service providers.

This council will help identify and document industry best practice standards showcasing the application of emerging aerial technologies in business today. This “think tank” of subject matter experts provides invaluable insight considered by CompTIA in the development of industry education, research, tools, certifications, and other business-enablement resources. Members will work to refine and enhance industry requirements to foster greater adoption and expansion of drone technologies.

What We Do

The CompTIA Drone Advisory Council meets regularly to address relevant industry trends and issues affecting the Drone market and its rapidly evolving platforms and methodologies. The council continually refines industry best practice standards in an effort to help the industry improve its operations and profit from market expansion and innovation. The DRAC collaborates with CompTIA’s other Industry Advisory Councils including Business Applications, Blockchain, Smart Cities and IT Channel, a total of 110 executives in all. Additionally, a representative from the DRAC will sit on CompTIA’s Advocacy Council on Policy (CACP), working to brief CompTIA’s team on Capitol Hill and stay informed on CompTIA’s policy efforts.


Advisory Council membership is by invitation only. However, you may nominate a knowledgeable, respected industry professional by emailing Annette Taber, Senior Vice President, Industry Outreach. Please include a LinkedIn profile and company URL.