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Welcome to our Business Applications Advisory Council!

Breaking New Ground in Business Relevance

The CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council (BAAC) represents cloud software platforms and applications specifically developed for the business buyer seeking to achieve specific business objectives. The council also includes specialized partners, like CPA’s and digital marketing agencies, who influence the sale of these products to line of business managers (Sales, Marketing, HR, etc.). These subject matter experts round out a sampling of ecosystem partners making up the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. CompTIA leverages the expertise of this advisory council for critical insight and vision, and to build industry-leading enablement programs, research and tools. CompTIA encourages the council to collaborate with our other industry councils, and to explore new routes to market, including the IT Channel.

With the continued strong growth of SaaS, applications and cloud solutions, there are a multitude of business opportunities available to organizations that create, deliver, and support these technologies.

What We Do

The CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council meets regularly to address relevant industry trends and issues affecting the SaaS market and its rapidly evolving platforms and methodologies. The council continually refines industry best practice standards in an effort to help the industry improve its operations and profit from market expansion and innovation. The BAAC collaborates with CompTIA’s other Industry Advisory Councils including Smart Cities, Robotics, Drone and IT Channel, a total of 110 executives in all. Additionally, a representative from the BAAC will sit on CompTIA’s Advocacy Council on Policy (CACP), working to brief our team on Capitol Hill and stay informed on CompTIA’s policy efforts.


Our Advisory Councils are invite only but if you would like to nominate a knowledgeable industry leader to the CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council, please contact Annette Taber.