Blockchain Advisory Council



The rise of Bitcoin has rapidly led to interest in blockchain, the underlying technology behind emerging cryptocurrencies and a range of other possibilities. If a new technology can redefine the concept of currency and disrupt the entire financial system, what can it do for business applications?

CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council (BCAC) will represent this unique industry by bringing together blockchain thought leaders.

What is blockchain? At a high level, blockchain has a simple description: it is a method for recording transactional information. Rather than keeping a record of all transactions in a central location, blockchain utilizes a distributed ledger. The blockchain method provides many benefits over centralized forms of recordkeeping, including transparency of data and no single point of failure.

What We Do

The Blockchain Advisory Council meets regularly to identify industry trends in blockchain affecting the technology industry. We will work together to provide valuable resources and tools to help businesses adopt blockchain technology as well as those selling blockchain applications.


Advisory Council membership is by invitation only, however if you know a knowledgeable, respected, industry professional, you can nominate them by emailing Annette Taber, Senior Vice President, Industry Outreach. Please include candidates Linkedin profile and company URL.