CompTIA Councils consist of our Industry Advisory and Public Sector Councils. The Industry Advisory Councils engage with the broad ecosystem of business technology players to expand the association’s impact, scope, mission, and presence. Members of our Public Sector Councils have the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with program leaders and elected officials while effectively monitoring key legislative issues that affect their ability to do business.


CompTIA Industry Advisory Councils 

CompTIA's Industry Advisory Councils play a vital role in identifying evolving markets and help those in the industry keep abreast of the latest developments. Our appointed members identify, discuss, debate and prioritize issues and challenges that impact the broader technology ecosystem, including hardware, software, business applications, data analytics, drones, robotics, technology and flight service providers, integrators, distributors and end-users. 

These invitation-only Councils include representatives from a wide range of technologies, business models and market spaces. Council members have the unique opportunity to shape how CompTIA addresses critical issues in the IT industry.

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Public Sector Councils

CompTIA Public Sector Councils serve as a collaborative source of knowledge, educational outreach and guidance to support and improve the development of the state and local government, human services, and space enterprise markets. Guided by CompTIA staff and led by CompTIA members, these Councils identify, discuss and debate industry issues and challenges. Member companies engage with program leaders and elected officials while monitoring key legislative issues that affect their ability to do business.

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