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    The Emerging Technology Community encourages the adoption of new and emerging technology that will improve business outcomes for members and their clients. Our community is comprised of industry thought-leaders investigating emerging technology to further the industry and identify and leverage numerous opportunities.

What We Do

This community seeks to continually identify emerging technologies that can help transform business operations, create business opportunities, overcome challenges, leverage new routes to market and pave the road for the future business of technology.

We are the industry headlights for emerging technology as we continually discuss and analyze industry trends to build and maintain an emerging tech roadmap, assess each significant technology’s impact, and provide actionable guidance on profitable adoption and implementation.

  • Thought Leadership: We have our finger on the pulse of new tech and provide insight and direction to members and industry.
  • Education: We provide guidance to the next generation on tech’s impact and adoption, and prepare the workforce of the future to engage successfully with these solutions.
  • Adoption: We offer actionable intelligence to help businesses critically evaluate and capitalize on new technology.
  • Actionable Insight: We help new technology positively impact the lives of others.

Emerging Technology Blog Posts


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    August 30, 2018 12:00 PM

    12pm CT / 1pm ET
    With the launch of the new emerging tech community – we want to give you an opportunity to get to know us better, understand our vision and mission, and see how we can help your business and the broader industry.

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