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    CompTIA, the world’s leading tech industry association, invites you to join the CompTIA Benelux Business Technology Community! This open, vendor-neutral peer group includes organizations from across the tech industry, big and small, from manufacturers to ISVs, broad-line distributors to cloud hosters, solution providers to SaaS partners, vertical market consultants to business application developers and beyond. Together, we’ll focus squarely on the needs of technology businesses and professionals like you in the region, share insights and work to improve the future of our industry.

    Join us to gain actionable insight into the tech industry and help shape the ecosystem of tomorrow. You’ll gain industry knowledge, learn how to embrace new technologies and grow your network to help your business thrive in a time when change happens at lightspeed. YOU can be part of this community.

    What We Stand For

    We help members build and expand their businesses and careers through collaboration and best practice sharing to showcase how technology can be leveraged to solve real business needs. Together, we explore business opportunities and challenges to better prepare the industry for the future. We put a focus on the region as a world leader in technology innovation and grow a healthy and successful workforce.

    How We’re Making a Difference

    We offer a year-round program of virtual and face-to-face meetings, local meetups and initiatives, where we:

    • advance technology businesses and the customers they serve;
    • highlight emerging technologies and solid regional use-cases;
    • foster collaboration amongst extant and emerging channel players, leveraging peer industry knowledge and training with an emphasis on emerging technology and business models;
    • evangelise the opportunities in the industry making the technology industry a desirable industry to work in.


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