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The ANZ Channel Community is dedicated to our Australia and New Zealand based resellers, solution providers, distributors, vendors and channel associates. It offers companies engaged in IT delivery services a forum for ANZ-specific discussion, and provides an understanding of how CompTIA, the information technology industry association, can best serve the ANZ channel and its members. We also support women in technology through Dream IT. Together, we’re advancing the Australian and New Zealand IT industry.

What We Do

This community seeks to be the voice of the entire ANZ IT channel, for small-, medium- and enterprise-focused businesses. As part of a nonprofit, vendor-neutral industry association, this CompTIA community offers a unique voice in the industry where all can participate for the purpose of improving and shaping the future of the IT industry through:

  • Creation of an open, vendor-neutral, industry forum to address common goals and issues
  • Development of initiatives that serve the entire ANZ channel
  • ANZ channel education on best business practices and technology trends
  • Fostering ANZ channel business development opportunities through networking opportunities

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ANZ Channel Events

  • The Pyramid for MSP Success

    October 17, 2018 12:00 PM

    17 October 12pm (Sydney)
    Learn how Jamie Warner, CEO Invarosoft, grew his MSP business from $3M to $7M in 4 years organically selling to small and medium customers. In this Webinar Jamie will provide practical tips around managingthe important ingredients of running a successful MSP, from your Business Model, People, Systems, Product, Marketing Strategy, Vision and your Purple Cow. You also get to find out how Jamie doubled the size of his MSP by replacing email support with a desktop & mobile app.

  • CompTIA Community Forum 2019

    Chicago, IL
    March 11, 2019 - March 13, 2019