Big Data Jobs: 3 IT Areas That Use Big Data

If you like big data, you may be wondering what kinds of jobs use it. We’ve broken down three IT career paths related to big data and the type of tasks that use it.
Big Data Jobs for IT Pros

We’ve already covered what is big data, why it’s important, big data challenges and how to use them to your benefit. Now, how can you get into a big data job? We have broken down three IT career paths that use big data and the type of tasks that use big data.

1. Cybersecurity

It’s no mystery that unlawful activity is a prevalent issue online. From stealing identities to hacking credit card information, cybercrime isn’t going anywhere.

Big data can come in handy to not necessarily halt, but at least battle, cyber criminals. If you are an IT pro at a credit card company, you can expect to use big data to create patterned and rules-based structures to detect potential fraudulent purchases.

For example, if a credit card company knows that a customer is not a homeowner but sees large purchases at home improvement stores, then it may flag the account and call the customer to make sure the account information hasn’t been stolen.

Cybersecurity experts also use big data. Malicious cyber-data is more easily available than ever by law enforcement and major security providers. Cybersecurity pros are using that public data to analyze their own data and build systems to detect and prevent possible attacks.

Big Data Jobs in Cybersecurity:

  • Fraud analyst
  • Fraud detection and prevention specialist

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT and big data go hand in hand to offer organizations valuable insights. A great example is with shipping and logistics. Organizations are always looking for different ways to be more efficient with deliveries, specifically in saving time and money. You may wonder how drivers all over the world find their way to millions of destinations every day. Well, big data is the shotgun rider!

Shipping organizations collect, analyze and use big data to forecast future demand. Then, they can work together with IoT by putting sensors on trucks to learn more about gas mileage, speed and delivery routes.

Big Data Jobs in IoT:

  • Big data engineer
  • Engineering data specialist
  • Data integrations engineer

3. IT Operations

As an IT pro, you are vital to keeping your organization afloat and operating efficiently. In the past, IT pros were often reactive, hearing about something that was broken and going to fix it.

That concept will never completely disappear, but as the industry has grown IT pros are more proactive, planning ahead and anticipating potential problems. Organizations use many types of software and applications with a large number of users, and they are expected to perform optimally. This progressive foundation can now evolve even more with the help of big data.

IT pros can use big data analytics to solve large and time-consuming problems in a more automated way. Change in an organization is inevitable, and It would take a lot of time and money for an IT pro to manually update systems to keep up with this change. Big data helps incorporate changes faster than ever to keep your organization running like a well-oiled machine.

Big Data Jobs in IT Operations:

The world now requires instant gratification, and that’s not changing anytime soon. Using big data can help with the never-ending stream of to-do’s and make companies be more efficient than ever. If you like big data, the jobs mentioned above may be for you. CompTIA certifications can give you the IT knowledge you need to move into big data jobs.

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