CompTIA Membership

Becoming a CompTIA member indicates a commitment to learning, growing and personal and business success in the IT channel. All of our benefits are aimed at providing our members in the information technology industry with a wealth of resources that when leveraged result in measurable impact to the member organization.


CompTIA membership is also a two-way street. It’s not just about consuming, but also contributing – not just to the association, but more importantly to other members and the IT industry as a whole. Our members drive our programs through their participation in CompTIA communities, research studies, events, sharing of best practices and more. We draw on our members’ expertise and experience to shape our products and services. Each and every member brings something different to the table and it’s those unique characteristics that make CompTIA strong.

CompTIA membership is invaluable. Our vendor-neutral position toward the IT industry, coupled with our programs and communities targeted to specific verticals and market segments, allow us to craft highly customized products and services – a huge benefit to our members and organizations like your own.

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