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Your Path to Mastery in Microsoft Excel® Training

CompTIA TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® is your comprehensive solution for mastering Microsoft 365 Excel, from fundamental to advanced functionalities. This course simplifies the learning process, making it efficient and effective for beginning to intermediate learners.

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Your Comprehensive Microsoft 365 EXCEL® Training solution

Effortlessly Learn and Apply Microsoft Excel Skills

Develop Mastery of Microsoft Excel®
Learn everything from basic spreadsheet creation to data analysis and macro automation.
Comprehensive Courseware
Learn to leverage Excel's powerful tools for data organization, analysis, and presentation.


Essential Skills Development
Data organization, macro creation, workbook collaboration, advanced conditional formatting.

The TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® courseware is designed to ensure learners develop a comprehensive skill set essential for navigating today's data-driven challenges. The curriculum includes 116 labs focusing on:

  • Organizing data in tables
  • Utilizing organized worktables
  • Applying advanced conditional formatting
  • Using time functions for project timelines
  • Performing data analysis and creating/modifying simple macros
  • Create sophisticated charts and tables to visually represent data efficiently

What Skills Will You Learn?

Common Office Features

Learn the essential functions across all Microsoft Office applications, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Simple Data Analysis

Learn to analyze data effortlessly with Excel's basic data analysis tools, turning numbers into actionable insights.

Advanced Formulas and Macros

Utilize complex formulas and learn how to effectively use macros to automate tasks and streamline workflows.

Excel Basics

Acquire foundational skills in Excel, including spreadsheet navigation, basic formulas, and data entry techniques.

Advanced Workbook Options and Settings

Explore sophisticated options and settings to customize Excel workbooks for specific needs.

Advanced Charts and Tables

You'll learn how to efficiently represent data using charts or tables, enhancing the interpretability of your analyses.

Formulas and Functions

Use a wide range of Excel formulas and functions to perform complex calculations and data manipulation.

Advanced Data Formatting

Learn advanced data formatting techniques to improve your spreadsheets' readability and presentation.


What sets our Excel 365 program apart?

Our course acts like a personal tutor, offering support whenever needed through interactive training and comprehensive courseware. It's designed to build your proficiency in Excel, preparing you for certification and professional success.

Hands-On Practice

Gain practical experience with powerful lab simulations that replicate real-world workplace scenarios already populated with data. Utilizing this, you can ensure your practical skills are ready for the workforce with instant feedback to track your progress.

Progressive Skill Development

Retain skills over the long term with a variety of lab types, from guided practice to challenging, scenario-based projects. TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel’s learning methodology is designed to build lasting proficiency.

All-In-One Resource

TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel is your complete learning solution, providing all the resources you need in one platform. Utilizing a single sign-on interface, you can access all learning materials, modules, and self-grading exams for practice.

Educators, Elevate Your Teaching with Excel

Incorporate our Excel course into your curriculum to provide students with the real-world skills they need for career advancement. Our learning platform is adaptable to your classroom needs, making it the perfect tool for teaching Excel.

For Educators
  • Robust prep tools for MOS exams
  • No Microsoft Excel licenses required
  • Customizable exams and reporting
  • Adaptable to classroom needs
  • All-in-one solution ready on day one
  • Fast setup, training, and LMS integration
  • Aligns with industry exams and state standards
For Students
  • Instant feedback on labs and exams
  • Self-grading labs, exams, and projects
  • Ability to work at their own pace
  • Effective MOS practice exams tailored to skill level
  • Works on PC, Mac, & Chromebook
  • Engaging for different learning styles
  • Includes TestOut's performance-based certification voucher
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Get the Microsoft 365 Excel® skills needed for success.

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Save Time & Budget with MOS Practice Tests

This course provides MOS training and practice tests together in the same resource.

Imagine how much you will benefit from the same login, interface, and reporting, all in one easy-to-use platform.


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This course provides 100% coverage of the TestOut and MOS certification exam objectives.

MOS practice exams included:

  • MOS Excel Associate 365 Apps (MO-110)
  • MOS Excel Expert 365 Apps (MO-111)
  • MOS Excel Associate 2019 (MO-200)
  • MOS Excel Expert 2019 (MO-101)

TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Advanced Certification practice exam included:

  • Domain 1: Workbooks and Worksheets
  • Domain 2: Formatting and Data
  • Domain 3: Functions, Formulas, and Macros
  • Domain 4: Charts and Tables
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Advanced Certification (covers two domains)

One Platform. Everything Included.

With interactive lab simulations, video lessons, and extensive resources, our course provides a thorough online learning experience. It's designed to equip you with the Excel skills needed for professional success, from data management to advanced Excel techniques. Additionally, interactive training allows students to apply theoretical knowledge through practical data analysis and spreadsheet management simulations, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in everyday business scenarios.

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What's Included:

  • Lab simulations: 116
  • Video lessons: 110
  • Demonstrations: 176
  • Text lessons: 73
  • MOS Domain Practice Labs: 9
  • Domain practice labs for TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Advanced: 4
  • MOS full practice exams: 4
  • Domain Practice for TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word Advanced: 2
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Advanced practice exams: 4
  • Hours to complete: 60+

Draw upon your skills in real scenarios

Elevate your Microsoft 365 Excel® proficiency with TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Live Projects, where learning becomes a real-time scenario for practice. Each project launches within the actual Microsoft Excel application (use any version), allowing you to work with the actual tools and features you'll use in the workplace. You will hone your practical skills, giving you the confidence to succeed in a professional environment.

Download the Live Projects Feature Guide